My 1st 24 hour race.

This weekend, I took part in the Lifestyles of the rich and famous 24 hour race, in Mansfield, Ontario. It’s the first event I have been in at all, and it was a great one to do. Other than the weather (it rained and blew wind), it was a phenonemal weekend. Good people, good food, and an excellent course. Almost all single track, lots of switch backs, some fun downhills, and a few treacherous uphills. I am very tired, and pretty stiff, but it was well worth it.

I will likely go again next year, as I am already starting to think about it.

I’d like to thank Brian (and anyone else who helped) for sort of organizing things for the unis, and for offering a high level of comedy for all of us to enjoy.

this is a better writeup than mine in the other thread

That was also my first 24h race

Yea I forgot to thanks brian for organizing the unicycle teams.

But there is something that I dont understand about him: Why is he always saying WORD ?

sweet, i have to go in a 24hr race this summer. What kind of uni were u using? a 24?, 29? coker?

Congrats! That’s a huge accomplishment.

I was riding a 24x3, as most people were. There was a 29 geared uni, and a Coker. The guy on the Coker apparantly broke a record set by Kris Holms last year. He was sure fast.

I found the 24 was just right for me, especially on the uphills.

Well, it’s 2 days after the race, and I am still pretty tired and very stiff. Funny enough though, I’ve decided to do the race again next year, and I think I’m gonna do it solo. Must like the abuse I guess.

Alright Tim! I was happy to do it, and I’m sure you wouldn’t have a problem doing it.

Lessons learned: Don’t let your first lap of the 24hr race be your first time in the woods that season


It would be fun if we both went solo

Verb… I mean, word. That would be fun. I was thinking of going solo, but pacing out my laps so I don’t miss all the extra-curricular activities. I think it’d be great to go solo with ya. Sort of a duet, I guess.

If you’re game, I am.

Any other advice for budding 24hr racers? I’m doing my 1st one in August :expressionless: I’ll make LOTR&F one of these years Brian! :wink:

best advice:

Have a camelback

awesome, im doing my first 24 hour race in a little less than a month. Since i dont have any other unicyclists to be on my team im going to be with my 2 freinds who are going to ride their mtn bikes. I think that i will probably do 2 laps and then they will do three, and we will switch off like that. IM looking forward to it, i have been training like crazy for it.

Tips for 24 hour race:

-bring lots of cloths, for all types of weather (including spare shoes).

-camel back

-get a good light (don’t be cheap).

-pace yourself, and have fun.

The first lap I did, I tried climbing every hill, and I tired out really fast. Walk when it’s appropriate, and pace yourself so you can enjoy all your laps.

alright, good stuff Nick.

get in lots of riding before hand, go on rides that are closer together so you can get used to getting back on sore and tired