My 16" bc wheel:D

hey everyone,

all you bc fanatics might like to see this…16"!!!

Man, I want a BC wheel SO bad!

im still learning the lingo. Whats bc?


e39m5’s title says skilled unicyclist, but he dosn’t know what bc means? Is it just me, or does that seem odd?

Dont yell at me for the forum bugs, not my fault. Just tell me what BC is, lol, arghh.


Its an impossible wheel(a wheel that has platforms you stand on and roll without pedaling). Sorry about yelling at you, I thought that you put the “skilled unicyclist” on there yourself.

That actually doesn’t sound hard, but i bet it is. Do they make breaks for those things?

Ultimate Wheel = pedals no seat
BC (impossible wheel) - no pedals, no seat, standing patform
MUni - Mountain Uni
Giraffe - Biggeys
Trials - ???

I think thats all of em.


trials is something you do on a uni not so much a type

But there ARE trials specifc unis(although you could do just about anything on any uni)

Not neccessarily with platforms, but they are what open up all the possibilities of doing cool stuff on BC’s. Some of us still have the axle-height pegs. I have a 12" wheel lying around at home, maybe I’ll make a 12" BC until I can save up the cash to make myt 12" two wheeler.