My 15 minutes of fame

I got a picture and a short article in the current issue of a nation-wide employee newsletter. I work on computers for a major U.S. government tax collecting agency. Here’s my picture and the article.


Unicycling for Fun
By Richard Wertz, MITS

Learning to ride a unicycle is one of the most challenging and fun things I have ever done. When I started two years ago, I was looking for a fun activity that would provide some exercise. Unicycling sure fits the bill.

The Memphis Unicycle Club offers free unicycle riding tips and loaner unicycles to anyone who wants to come to a weekly practice session. The club also reaches out to kids who can earn their own unicycle by performing community service work in their school, church or neighborhood.

Unicycles are not just for the circus anymore. Besides riding in parades and community events, we ride mountain unicycles on dirt bicycle trails through the woods. The best thing about riding a unicycle is the way people smile when they see you coming.

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