Muzzle's visit to Wellington

Also featuring some footage from NZUni Wknd 06 and some prehistoric footage from Nelson.

NICE! You guys have some serious rolling hops. Sorry, but the only thing I wasn’t a fan of was the music. Looks like you guys had fun!

so sick. 'nuf said

REALLY COOL :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Decent riding I thought, very good rolling hops!

Bit silly for that guy to toss his uni away after failing a pedal stall… it’s just a pedal stall :thinking: . If it was a joke to try to add comedy to the vid, it’s a little immature :stuck_out_tongue:

Apart from that, the rest of the clips were great. Something that did get me jealous was the gliding on the KH20, makes me want to learn! :smiley:

i really enjoyed it

crap, you rule…

awesome video


Great riding, keep it up.

After countless attempts on Joes behalf to pedal stall the ledge (which he had proclaimed to be tiny), combined with an excessive amount of heckling towards him (re: his mother) he decided that it would be fair to biff his KH at my leg, which I had come to deserve.

I still lawl, I guess you had to be there.

Great riding!
What kind of program do you use to edit your movies?

That rolling hop to the back of the bench was amazing. Also, interesting editing cuts. Very cool.

I’d love to be able to download this, if there is a link to do so…

Same … So I gona go out and learn! :smiley:

Damn, amazing gaps, rolling hops (exspecially the last one) and some fantastic ups.

Nobody’s mentioned the 6-set up, it’s definitely the biggest hop in there. Quite hard to tell that it’s actually a 6-set because of the lower-railing in front of the top step… but it’s damn impressive, has ANYBODY else done a 6-set? It’s amazing how quickly videos become embarressingly outdated though, we’ve all come a fair way already since this footage was taken (Pete VB and Joe especially).

I’m thinking of releasing a proper DVD early next year to sell on UDC, after we’ve done our big NZ roadtrip. It would also feature several Australian riders (Alex Toms, Dan Cowling, Rhys Kember (the backflip guy)), aswell as a few other unheard of but awesome NZ riders.

I’d like to know who’d be interested, it just seems a shame for me to get such amazing quality footage only to squeeze it down into youtube! If you saw some of this stuff on a projector screen like I have, you’d know exactly what I mean.

I will however try to keep posting a few bits and bobs on the net.

The main part of the vid I like was th 6-set up. I was telling my friends about it yesterday. I was amazed by it. =p

I would love a DVD from you and local riders. You got the skills for it. :smiley:

huuge gaps, he did a long stair set, wow big was is? and ho tried a huge handrail!

That was one mighty awesome video. I loved the backwards bit at the begining.

I tried watching it again but I think it screwed up about half way -sad face-

How does Muzzle get his hair like? He has really cool hair.

What kind of program do you use to edit your movies?

to bad he didnt land that rail it was huge. good jump up the 6