muzzle's stc

Well, just because it’s rare to see an stc or a video of one…
I finally got around to putting it together, and took it for its first ride.
I pretty much suck at riding it, having spent very little time on one… So, it’s not many tricks but hey.


ps. Don’t be a hater.

Haha thats pretty cool. You should make the front into a bc wheel kind of thing so you can coast around on it. It looks like fun.

It has a bmx peg on the left side, but I could easily add one to the left. That way a pile of flatland bmx tricks can be possible (tho not by me). Anyways it is easy to coast, because you just take your feet off the pedals and put them one the frame/pegs.

I will be reattaching the gyro brake to the front wheel at some stage which helps to regulate speed whilst coasting down hills.

I have since learned to do skids on it on the grass verge outside my house, just pedal really fast down the grass hill and then lock the back wheel. FUN!

Thats pretty cool, I bet some interesting tricks are possible on that, though I’d just be irritated that something was attached to the front of my uni haha.

you could bust sum pretty cool crap on that. rekon its possible to whip?

I’d like to see how far people can push those things for gaps and height… could you go bigger than on a unicycle.

Would there be any advantage if it had a brake lever that locked the frame in place or something?

Dang. You got shocks, pegs. Lucky.

Ever take it off any sweet jumps?

You got like 3 feet of air that time.

I wonder if you could disguise it more as a bmx with a different design?


I’ve ridden one of those. They suck.

Although you are better at it then I was. :slight_smile:

lol that looks sweet

Tony’s stc is set up with his old trials wheel set in the back (a square taper one from before the days of good equipment) but, its quite hard to do big hops on them as far as I know.

It would sometimes be good to lock the rear headset to stop the back end from swinging, but it would be one of those things you would never use imho.