Muwi (Mountain Ultimate Wheel)

Singletrails riding on a 28" UW.

(I hope the link works, because youtube says, this video is not open in every country)

Now it works. I had problems with the music.

My thigh muscles are screaming at me from just watching that.

At least he won’t get saddle soreness! :stuck_out_tongue: KH told me the 36er ultimates are a lot easier to ride than say, a 20". Looks fun though! :smiley:

Wow you have great skill,you make it look easy. :astonished:


Thanks for the comments. Yes, it’s hard for the thigh muscles. But i’ve often try to ride as far as i can, so i can ride it for a few minutes without dismount.


i have the same uw, and learned to ride it, but i dont ride it anymore because i would get a pinch flat every ride after about 30 minutes. did you change your stock tire? if so, to what?

haven’t used mine in months…cant afford to replace tubes every ride :stuck_out_tongue:

For offroad i ride a Schwalbe Marathon 1,75". I think this tire has the perfect size. But if you just learn to ride an UW or you want to do some tricks this tire has too much friction on the legs. (i wear knee protectors under my pants) For tricks i prefer the white tire Vredestein Europe 1,4". This tire has very low friction. I also tried a Big apple 2,35". I don’t like it. This tire is too heavy.

Wow … that is very impressive!!!)))))))

Good job!

Now time for some wheel walking.:stuck_out_tongue: