Mutating a Bike?

A friend of mine is thinking about getting into unicycling, but doesnt want to buy (We high school kids have fixed incomes, really fixed!). So he suggested he build one from an old 20 inch bike… Has this ever been done?! Like the frame would be easy, just use the front fork, and i have an old viscount seat i can give him, but what about the hub, would you have to buy one? Could you weld the spokes to the hub? Its an interesting idea, would be pretty fun too. Any tips would be great.

PS: Yes I know this would not be a very strong unicycle, but in my opinion, people underestimate the strength of hubs and frames. I have a Norco uni that i got for 150CDN, and i have done a lot of 2-3 foot drops, and A LOT of hopping, and its still in good shape.

Gilby used to have a link to an article here. The link is still there, but the article it points to is no longer there. Maybe someone will know what happened to it.

I googled a bit and couldn’t find anything.

theres also handy search feature at the top right and countless previous threads about it

What would i search?? I tryed already

Try there is a neat bike to uni build on that site as well as a lot of other cool stuff.
If the link wont work just google Atomic zombie and check out the bikes.

Cheers Dave