Must buy Freestyle Now!

I was forced into doing a talent show and so I need a freestyle uni. I know nothing about them and so what is a good one for under 200. Also, how do I know the crank measurments necassary?

I would get 110mm cranks for a freestyle. As for brand, I don’t have any particular suggestions.

A toker LX isa greet cheap freestyle uni to use.

The cranks are a little long, but going to your LBS you can have them put on some smaller ones. 110s are great for freestyle.

The lx is about 100 dollars, the new cranks will be anywhere form 20-50 dollars.

Cheap and effective.

The nimbus ones look good

I recommend this. Affordable, strong, good length cranks for freestyle. What more could you want? Possibly a long neck frame, but you sound as though you are new to freestyle (please correct me if I am wrong) so won’t be needing anything too advanced for a while.

I would also reccomend the LX as it is cheap and unlike the Nimbus, it has a flat crown which is good for freestyle, you can order cranks off UDC when you buy your unicycle and still be under the nimbus price

Are you just going to be demonstrating skills you can already do on the uni that you’ve got? Because if so it seems a waste of money to buy one for a show. If you’re riding a 20" - 24" of some kind why don’t you just put plastic pedals and maybe a more suitable seat on it? Crank length for freestyle depends on what you’re doing (shorter cranks will only really make a difference if you’re going to be pirouetting or coasting or any other trick where you need to be going really fast and smoothly. For easier tricks like 1 ft riding and wheel walking I don’t think it makes much difference). If you aren’t learning anything new for the show then I’d stick with whatever set-up you’re used to.

Of course if the show is ages in the future and you want to learn new stuff for it, or if you actually want a freestyle uni anyway, then none of that applies and get a nice-ish one with a frame you like and probably 110 cranks.

Is it trials you ride? If so people would probably actually be more impressed by some hopping about on obstacles with some street skills thrown in, since that isn’t what they’re expecting from a unicyclist in a variety show.

or, for about $30 moe, you cam get the new nimbus X longneck freestyle.


so what exactly are you going to be doing on this unicycle?

get an lx a primo the wall tire and some short cranks and your set but you might want a new saddle too

I was in my talent show also this year. i found out that my freestyle uni got in the way and it would have been better to just use my trials uni. You do got to thing I was ridinging skinneys and hopping up steps and down them along with doing tricks. I would say not get one unless you will be doing just freestyle and I suggest a modified torker lx

have you tried grip tape?

I like the flat style better, but thats probably because its what I’m used to.