Music request: "Unisapien fluck video"

Anyone knows the first song and the song on the bails part of the “unisapien fluck video” on the K1 site?
And the song on the “Koxx One loves fluck video”?


Peter M

The last one is “Gym Class Heroes - Take a look at my girlfriend”

Nha, thats the music from the “Koxx One spirit everywhere” video
But thanks anyway.
And your high jump on FLUCK was so cool.
But I did tell you that overthere allready :stuck_out_tongue:

Peter M

Oh, ok… No problem.
Thanks! Yes, I think you did.

Yeah, respects for the 105, mad props.
I’ve also watched your vid 100 times, it has awesome editing.

And then I ask myself, is it so hard for the makers of video’s to put the songs in the credits?

Peter M

Sorry to bring this thread back, but the song from “Koxx One Loves Fluck” is J’ai Pas Sommeil (instrumental) by TTC

Hey, thank you very mutch.

Peter M

wow i just realized i was in your signature.
what an honor!

Haha, well it sure was a great comment because of the spelling error in it :wink:

Peter M