music for your video?

How do people go about choosing the music for the video?
simple question hopefully I get some good answers.

put i tunes on shuffel hit next 5 times than pic that one

I try to imagine myslef riding to different music that i hear. I try to think of how my riding style would flow with the beat and lyrics of the song…Often times i choose the song before i even go put clips together.

well, that IS the best way to do it… that way you can time certain bits of the video to the song.

Yup thats what i do in my head…it gets me so pumped!

I like to listen to music while I ride, figure out what music I think would sound good, and then see if I can work the clips into it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes it’s perfect without even trying :wink:

When I normally listen to music I think about how well it would work in a uni movie. By the time i actually make one I have some songs that I have been wanting to use for a while.
The crappy part is that after I am done editing I usually dont like the song as much as when I started because I get sick of it.

i just choose my fave songs. :wink: disturbed all the way!!!

well, i havent filmed a uni video yet because my freind who has a video camera(sony vx1000 drool) went away to college and i didnt have any reason to film myself when he was here because i didnt even know about this forum.

but anyways, when i was filming my sponsor video for snowboarding i picked the song i wanted before even putting the video together. The song i picked was “Saturns Shadows” by Tiger Army(T.A.N.D.!!!) i choose it because it matches my riding style, real fast. But at times i will throw down some real buttery tricks that go well with the slower parts of the song.

Personally, i think that the most important thing is to choose a song you love, and then edit your footage to match up with the music, it makes for much better viewing…or at least in my opinion it does

The idea is u need a song that goes to your riding… what I do is I always uni to the same song so it fits well when u put it in a film… or other ppl like in defect I dont know if you noticed for for sabin (the smoothest rider of the movie) they put a very flowy song because it just fits his riding so well… can you imagine his part with heavy metal playing in the back ? I know I cant

I listen to Soccer Practice by the gay pimp :slight_smile:

Best song everrr haha. My 2 gay friends Alex and matty are making a dance to that song and it’s so awesome <33 Pay attention to the words, u’ll see why it’s just so awesome that theyre dancing to it for their dance class.