Music for a performance

I need a 2-3 minute song to play in the background while I ride my unicycle at this talent show.

any and all suggestions are welcome

Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) by Jimi Hendrix on the album Electric Ladyland. Great song, somewhere around four minutes. Ryan Atkins used it in one of his videos (Downtown trials?). BTW, it’s voodoo chile on the album, not voodoo child. Just a common thing many people miss. I just checked, and it’s about 5:13 in length, but the last few minutes are just jamming, and you could fade out on it.

Voodoo Child is a kick a$$ song. I think it depends on who you are performing in front of. Pick a song that you think the audience would like. And try to match you tricks to the song, everyone will like that.
I say all this from experience :slight_smile:


Ambitions As A Ryder by 2pac, always works 4 me

Thanks for the help. I appreciate it

I’m considering “Low Rider” by War (because I ride a giraffe for part of it. Ha ha ha), but am still open for other suggestions, if anyone has 'em

well, there’s this song on…the scared boy one…

that would be funny…

Voodo Glow Skulls: el coo cool