Mushroom Rock MUni. Colorado

The mountain MUni trails are still covered with heaps of snow, so one has to travel to find good MUni trails. Luckily for us, the Red Hill area is only 30 miles away from Aspen, and has some classic techy, smooth, single track. One can go for hours on these awesome trails, many are loops that connect with other loops. Of course, the scenery is world class at times, and the exposure is dangerous at times as well.
This week after work, my son,his friend, another rider from New Mexico, and I got together and rode this area. It was 2 hours of climbing, descending, stopping to take pictures, and just sweet single track riding. It is comparable to Fruita or Moab, but on a much smaller scale. It was a total blast to be riding with other people, as most of the rides I do, are solo. We were greeted with the usual comments by mtn bikers and hikers. I will post some pictures from the ride.
I was trying to have fun with some “motion” pics, did’nt quite nail it perfect, but I think they are still fun pics.
Oh, BTW- woke up to fresh snow today, winter is still hanging on here, but the rivers are raging. So… get over here, you can ride MUni and kayak record whitewater in the same day:D

6.5 Miles - 10.4 km’s
1,895’ - 578 meters climbed
4.2mph - 6.8 km/hr average speed
136 bpm - average heart rate

Carl, by the shrine

group shot

Group shot mushroom rock 001.JPG

that ones cool!

yeah the last picture is good, and i like the first one too.

The mtn in the background is Mt. Sopris, which has two peaks. Both peaks are the same exact height, 12,965’ - 3,951 meters.

Man i gotta get into muni!! :stuck_out_tongue: