Muscle Recovery, How long-best training methods?

Since I figured out to free mount i have been riding uni as much as my body will let me. Mostly slight grades in on the trail. No real steep hill climbing.

We have stepped up from riding 2.5-2.7 miles a week to riding 2.7 miles a couple times a week and 4 miles every sunday on the mountain trail.(strava states 5.7 miles but there is some walking up a few steep grades here and there)

I eat quality foods and and plenty of protein for muscle building based on my weight- and get 8 hours of sleep consistently.

It seems when i go to climb a hill, my legs have no climb power/torque with my freshly installed 150 cranks.

Can riding the Uni- hill climbing everyday be counter productive with my muscles?

Its super frustrating because as I know it takes time, i want to ride but I have to hold out so i have energy and strength for our next ride…

what are others thoughts about this? training techniques and such.

Should i get another Uni just to do street riding and stay moving so i dont wear my 55.00 leopard out on the pavement?

thanks in advance

Of course you should get another uni. (Definitely the Leopard will wear quickly on pavement, although it also will wear quickly on most of the Phoenix trails).

It’s generally good to give your body a day to rest in between intense workouts. Or to taper off a few days before an event where you want to be really strong. It’s still good to ride every day, just alternate intense workouts with mellow ones.

All your riding will get easier as your skills improve.

And you also need electrolytes. I recommend beer.

What tholub said. Your uni muscles will get stronger and your efficiency will improve with time. Early in your uni “career” a lot of effort gets wasted with jerky movements and tensing up as you ride. Riding every day might be more useful early on, because you’re teaching yourself to relax more and be more efficient.

I’m 4+ years into muni, and I probably average something like 1.5 muni rides per week, at least in non-winter. I try to ride hard and push for distance and intensity. Usually at the end of my ride I’m pretty much glad it’s over. If I do go out the next day, I find I don’t have quite the same endurance. My point being, you may not always want/need to ride every day throughout your uni “career”.

You might find Joe Friel’s blog, web site, and numerous books helpful. Although focused on experienced athletes, I find his info to be of great use to me.

Try sportlegs. It helps with sore legs. It is worth the money.

Thanks, I will try sportlegs-especially after today!!