Muniweekend elsbet 2016 (Liechtenstein)

The registration is open!

Elsbet 2016 13-16. May
This rustic “Elsbet” is entering its seventh edition, it will remain the same as always and a lot is new. New, we will stay at the Campsite in Triesen.

There will be shuttle buses, old and new great tours (including XC and uphill if desired), night tours, barbecues (Zigeuner!!).
There will be a little Trial-Area, there are some nice Skateparks and Street-Spots and also lots of Cycling Roads for the Roadies!

Friday: Riding
Saturday: Riding
Sunday: More Riding
Monday: again a bit of riding and visiting Florian Schlumpf and the Hub-Production!!!

And even some surprises!

These surprises are announced in this thread from time to time, we like to also accept ideas :slight_smile:

Cost: around 80 Euros (i’ll tell as soon as i know for sure), you can pay at your arrival.

T’Shirts be sold and must be purchased at registration (please specify size):
20 Euros

Arrival: At the earliest on Thursdayevening!

Registration: Please note we only accept handwritten applications sent by post.
The needs in the application are: Full Address, vintage, where night is desired (hut, hotel, tent, Womo) T’Shirt size or yes / no, reasons why you come to Elsbet 2016 (also want drawings, artworks etc. are welcome the most original will again award). Registrations will be taken after the date of arrival.

All to:

Markus Büchel
Floraweg 11
9490 Vaduz

Bank account:
Postal account:
No. 90-67692-6 / IBAN CH02 0900 0000 9006 7692 6 / BIC POFICHBEXXX
Attention: soon to be followed by an account in Liechtenstein, there may be less fees (with the reason it is also possible to pay only at Elsbet)

We look forward to seeing you!

Team Turtle

As a reminder:

Drooling …:slight_smile:
Now a question: are there significant places around where I can send my “significant other” touring while I ride ? (though extremely fit she is not a “mountain” girl because she hates cold :o)

along the river Rhein there are hundreds of motor-traffic free cylcling roads, qlso tons of hiking paths in the valley

Markus thanks for bringing this magic experience back :slight_smile:

today i got the first two handwritten applies (from France and Austria):

  1. Bernard Amade (aka Wobbling Bear)
  2. Claudio Harringer

I’m definitely in!!

But it’ll take a while before I can get to the post office to send a handwritten application, as I have no idea how much postage will be needed to Switzerland. I don’t think I have sent an international letter in over 10 years!! probably more like 20 years!! wow, old school!

Stoked to meet many more from the forum (Seattle Muni Weekend, July 2015 last summer was great).

Sounds like a lot of fun (and yes, watching all the previous years’ videos is nice).

I had a couple of questions still pending:

  • is it the same price for people that do not ride ? (I guess it is as most of the cost is lodging and food)
  • is there additional things to plan for in addition to coming with uni & clothing ?
  • how remote is it from shops/museums/touristic features for non-riders ?
  • how well does the people in the area speak english (when you are not speaking any german) ?

Thanks for the extra info and huge thanks for planning such a nice event !

sorry for answering late:

Liechtenstein is very small, so everything is really close :slight_smile: and its easy to get everywhere by bus/uni/bike or even foot.

here is a list with things to do:

the costs for non riders are similar, because the most expensive is the hosting on the campsite and the food.

about clothing: we are not sure yet.

english: pretty much all people can speak english over here, not very well, but they try :slight_smile:

Thanks Turtle for the additional information :slight_smile:

we already have 35 Praticipants :slight_smile: i got some real his handwritten applications, thanks for that!

i looked for some new trails and found a lot :slight_smile:

maybe there are some riders from france, italy, netherlands, slowakia ore even oversea which wanna partipate!

what you need to bring to the elsbet

We already have more then 50 participants!

What you need for the Elsbet ?

We will do some unicycling  , which means a unicycle would be beneficial , especially a Muni, a Trial and Road: free to also bring. In addition to the usual safety equipment (helmet, gloves, knee and shin guards ) are recommended good hiking shoes , as we are on the trails in all weather conditions in mountain terrain .

A rucksack to which the unicycle can be attached is for riders who are planning more difficult tours is indispensable.
Spare tube and tools, as well as a small first aid kit are important in the mountains .

We stay at the campsite (no more hut!), which means you need all camping utensils .
Importantly are also crockery and cutlery, so we can reduce waste, thanks ( also applies to hotel guests)!

Musical instrument for the campfire, everything for fun (slackline, bathing suits, etc. )