nice riding from Marc and Valentin:

Nice stuff, I forgot how fun it is to ride in the snow. We had such a low snow year last season, maybe it’ll be better this year :smiley:

Do you get snoed out of all of your trails in the winter or do you have some that stay snow free down low?

Amazing! It makes me remember the trails me and my friends rode this summer in our trip through the Alps before Unicon! I want to go Muni right now! I want to go back in Europe! NOW! :slight_smile:

thanks for the comments.
@ben: it also depends on the winter, but usually it’s possible to ride the lower trails.

but it looks like i’m going back in to backcountry/touring snowboarding this year again. yesterday i put my stuff together and did i little ride with the splitboard… nearly more fun then riding the muni in the powder :slight_smile: