MUnispotting Shirts: LAST CALL!

The most current list:

Andrea (slugbath) - 1 Large
Brian (Sofa) - 1 Large
Byron (gimp) - 1 Large
Carl Hoyer - nothing yet
Daniel (danio149) - 1 Large, 2 Medium, 1 Small
David Maxfield - 1 XLarge, 2 Large, 3 Medium
Dylan Wallinger - 1 Medium, 1 Small
Eli Chiasson - 1 Medium
Eric Lo - 1 Large
Erin - 1 Medium, long-sleeved
Frank A. - 1 Large, long-sleeved
George Barnes - 1 XLarge
Greenbirds - 1 Medium
Greg (gmoore) - 1 Large
Grokthezeppelin - 1 Large, long-sleeved, 1 Medium, long-sleeved
Jeff Groves - nothing yet
Jerry (jpcycler) - 2 Large
John M (billnye) - 1 Large
Jonathan Ware - 2 Large
Krashin’Kenny - 2 Large
Mike (Checkernuts) - 1 Medium
Mojoe - 1 XLarge
Robert (The Iron Munk) - 1 Large
Ryan (m_extreme_uni) - 1 Large
Sal (Monkey Juggler) - 1 Large
Sam Hull - 1 Medium
Sean (Sasquatch MUni 007) - 1 Medium
Steve DeKooshKoosh (unibrier) - 1 Large
Tim (dazedNcontused) - 1 XLarge

Important Notes

  • All shirts will be white, to avoid messyness.
  • This list will be considered official unless I hear otherwise. Please make sure your order is correct, as I don’t want people being stuck paying for something they didn’t order.
  • To finalise your order, email me at chiassew(at) with the following information (I need all of it):
    - First and last name - Mailing address - Handle/Nickname you use on the forums - [b]Ensure you put the word [i]MUnispotting[/i] as the subject of the email[/b]

Jeff and Carl, I know you both expressed interest in getting a shirt – post here or email me with your info/order and I’ll add you to the tally.

Most Important Thing Of All
You must have your order posted, straightened out, confirmed and your information to me by Saturday March 8th (this coming). I’ll then work out shipping costs for everyone, give your totals and you can start sending me money. I’ll probably cover most of the costs of the shirts so they can start being printed sooner, but we’ll have to see what the final total is.


woooo i’m so excited! i wish i only unicycled… come spring break, i’ll have something intelligible to say in the unicyclists community. yay!

is gilby being cut in on this?
i’d love to order a shirt but will refuse to do so as i find it unacceptable to market a competing product on his forum without
cutting him in
please let me know what the situation is

Gilby is great to run this site and sell shirts and everything, but I see no reason for him to get a cut of this. It isn’t a competing product, if he doesn’t have any.

This was made up by a member of the unicycling community to benefit people of the unicycling community, posted on the place where unicyclists would have a chance to see it.

Seeing as this is a really cool shirt idea, maybe Gilby would like to start carrying them, until then, there is no need for his ‘cut’

the only source of income he generates from this site is from the selling of t-shirts
the t-shirts will have to be printed somewhere
he allready has the set-up for printing shirts (and can also do black ones which i’d prefer to a white one, but that’s a fashion call :sunglasses: )
rather than duplicate the whole printing, payment and distribution chain and allow an ‘outsider’ (the printer) to generate money from these shirts, wouldn’t it make waaay more sense (and be what i consider a common courtesy) to include gilby in this process?
i feel strongly enough about this to withhold my custom
it’s my stand and i’m taking it

there is the line

ps. not buying your t-shirt will not affect my ability to talk to u about unicycling (with apologies to the person who first coined that disclaimer)

I’m not sure if I missed the price in a former post or if there was even one there. Could you please give an estimate?
that would be cool

Nevermind the price. I just saw the price(thats what happens when you look i guess) I’ll take a large please.:smiley:

Ahh, well that makes sense.

My turn to respond. Yes, I could get them from Gilby, but that would involve him shipping the order from Minnesota to Hamilton, before I could even start shipping them to you folk. Not only would this increase the cost of the shirts, but I’m getting a 40% discount from the printers I’ve contacted (Windcheater Promotions) – I don’t know what Gilby would charge, but I don’t think Windcheater is making a huge amount of money from my order anyway. On a more personal note, I prefer to support local businesses.

Windcheater can also print a black t-shirt (among a multitude of other colours). That isn’t an issue. The reason we’re printing white shirts is because we originally made the designs in white and that’s how the original poster was made.


There is no need for me to take a cut or for you to worry about having a competing product. I consider this site and the making of unicycling t-shirts a hobby, so there is no need for me to make a profit on it all (though the balance is in the green with the income from t-shirt sales and commissions from those that make purchases at from the link on this site).

By all means, let the creativity spin and create better t-shirts than I have made. :slight_smile:

Now, now, I’d hardly say that – anyone can put text on a shirt. It takes talent to do actual graphic design, as in the “Do The MUni” shirt, which I still have to buy :).


ok, i’ll stop my ‘good manners’ crusade now

doesn’t the concept of ‘local bussiness’ take on a whole new meaning in our cyber world?

i’ll be quiet now

Right… now that that’s all over, time to get this thread back on track.

I’ll be posting my mailing address here and replying to all the emails people send me with shipping costs and final totals as soon as I can get an envelope a shirt will fit into and weigh it all.



Just a reminder to get your shipping information in to me by tomorrow (Saturday). I’m going out in the morning to buy envelopes and boxes to ship stuff in.

People I have yet to hear from:

  • Daniel (danio149)
  • Dylan Wallinger
  • Greg (gmoore)
  • Jerry (jpcycler)
  • Jonathan Ware
  • Robert (The Iron Munk)
  • Sal (Monkey Juggler)
  • Sam Hull (Sam, are you still interested in ordering, since we aren’t making the dirty version?)
  • Sean (Sasquatch MUni 007)

That’s all for now :).



The filming of a movie has prevented me from getting all this organised over the weekend (though there is some unicycling in it, so it wasn’t all for nothing :)).

I’m just going over to weigh the shipping packages with t-shirts in them, to get final costs for everyone.

There are still a few people who haven’t gotten back to me with a confirmation of their t-shirt order:

  • Jerry (jpcycler)
  • Jonathan Ware
  • Sal (Monkey Juggler)
  • Sean (Sasquatch MUni 007)

Please confirm your order is correct and email me (chiassew(at) with your mailing/shipping address.

Thanks for everyone’s patience with this.