Can anyone Unispin on a Muni?
I have a Qu-ax 24" and i am rather envious of my friend who can unispin his trials uni.
I want to know if anyone can actually do it, whether it is worth trying to learn or is just far too hard, as i suspect,

I haven’t actually done it on a 24", but I imagine you just have to jump higher off of it and kick your legs out a little farther as to allow the wheel to spin between them.

I’ve unispinned a 29er first try (I could unispin by then obviously) and Jan Logemann has spinned a 36er

I learned (sort of) on a uni just like your’s. It is possible but more difficult. I didn’t really practice very much, but I’ve done a few.

Im guessing your talking about 180s or am I wrong? anyone got a video to prove it? :slight_smile:

That’s what I’m working on as part of my next video!:smiley:

yea, 24 in a lot harder, I can do it on my crappy 24 inch. (34 years old, still in fairly good condishion, just needs a new seat.)

Perhaps for the enjoyment/thrill you generally get from doing tricks?

I think it would look great on a big wheel

I’d love to see a vid of someone doing a 360 on a 36. :astonished:

I can unispin my 24" every once in a while (1 for every 17 tried on a good day :o ) I don’t realy bother with unispins now

I’ve learnt to unispin on a 24" splined uni. I can do them rolling and everything. I can also do 270 unispins and getting close to landing a 360 unispin. Just you wait!


cody freaking williams 540 unispined a 24" DX.

Give me some time and I’ll back that one up.

24" is my only ride, so I have to…

I’ll viddy me doing one later today…I think maybe I’ll take my maguras off first!:stuck_out_tongue:


i am surprised no one has mentioned Justin kohse, he rides only 24" for street (or used too). he has tons of vids with 360 uni spins on a 24", as well as crank flips and i think a few crank flips 180’s an of course 360’s and late 180’s all that jazz…mmmm jazz music


i tried on a 26" and failed

a) i cant do them anyway lol
b) bigger

so maybe you will if you can do them but its only 4 inches if u practise maybe but it might be a bit harder

Heres a 180 unispin on a coker:

it’s right at then end of the vid if u cba to watch it all.

that diden’t look to hard for him, wonder how long it took him to get it.

*can be arsed?