MUnis on the cheap

So here’s the deal,
I (or someone like me) wants to get a MUni, but is a bit strapped for cash. Looking at, it seems there are several options. Here are the one’s I’m looking at:
Torker Unistar CX 24-inch
Splined Hub
KH Saddle
Fat (25.4mm) post
Heavy Duty Bearing holders
2 bolt Seat Clamp
Double Walled rim
Flat Crown

Narrow Frame (2.3 max tire)
Off Brand Rim

Nimbus 24-inch MUni
Flat Crown
2 bolt Seat Clamp
Wide Frame
Double Walled Rim
KH Saddle
new hub

Hub not splined
narrow seatpost (I think)

Which of these do you think is the better choice? Is there anything I left out, or got wrong? Is there another MUni (in this price range) that is better?


I don’t know how much the new cromo hub will hold compared to the splined Torker but 2,3" tire might feel a bit skinny when MUniing. I have a 2,125" Ragahit on my 20" and it feels terrible after riding on my 24" with the 3" Gazza. And my Nimbus has held up well with the older hub and some 3’ drops.

edit. Qu-Ax MUni goes a bit over that price range but it comes with Duro 3" tire, a splined hub and a 25,4mm seat post and a KH saddle. It’s black(frame&cranks) and yellow(hub&seatbumpers) so it looks better than either of these. And it has brake bosses.

My $.02…

The DX 24 does have the stonger hub and would probably take more abuse. It would be more versatile for street and light trail riding. The 6"/150 cranks would be faster, preferable for street but may limit some hill climbing torque.

The or Suzue hubs should be able to handle any normal riding situations and hopping over most obstacles. I have a Suzue hub on my 26" Muni and held up with 18" drops. I prefer a three inch tire for rough terrain, the difference in sucking up the roots and rocks is huge between my 24x3 Gazz and my 26x2.6 Kenda. I know there is a lot of personal preference involved in crank length but for pure Muni I like the 170’s for the additional torque but I would want shorter for cross country type riding.

If you’re looking for something to do both off road & bigger drops and can save up the $400+ the KH 24 or other splined Muni may be the way to go.

Good Luck

I would go for the Nimbus Muni

I have one of the 26" MUnis, with 2.6" Gazz on it. It is great!

It has Suzue hub, with Bicycle Euro 150 cranks. I bend cranks once in a while, but the hub has been fine! It came with Halo Combat rim, and Miyata. I have added a CF Miyata air saddle, and just today finished putting the Maugra brakes on. I also am getting it powdercoated on Monday.

I think this is one of the best affordable unis about. It will last awhile (along as you dont do crazy drops - mine can handle 3’).

Which ever one you get, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy mine! :smiley:


If you do go with Torker, make sure it somes with the newer Miyata-style saddle. Otherwise, you’re punishing your crotch.

didnt really look at the picture Daino linked,did you?

the Torker DX comes with a nice fluffy Velo seat…

Imagine that! There’s a link up there!

Jagur, you are indeed a wise individual

I have nothing to say except that I, too, have the suzue hub, and it seems perfectly capable of coping with regular drops of three feet. And maybe more, who knows.

Do you really want to jump from higher than this?

at least wiser than your average sock monster…

try you can get a 24" with a splined hub for 300 us god knows about postage

5-10 kg 46 usd
10-20 kg 70 usd

You’ll probably can do with that 5-10 kg if you only order the uni. But it probably won’t take too long for Roland to show up and tell more about the shipping.

I know this thread’s a bit old, but i just had to add a bit of commentary:

While personally I would go with the torker (out of the two), whatever you do, go cheap.

Get a good quality unicycle, of course, but don’t wait until after you’ve bought your $500 unicycle to decide if you like MUni or not. I made this mistake, and luckily It turns out I love it, but get a cheaper unicycle first, and once you’ve “grown out” of it, then get yourself something with Profiles or that lot.

Yeah, it’s nice to have nice stuff, but get something that you can use for other stuff like freestyle or cross country/ road riding as well as off road, and you’ll like be better off.

I thought I would drag this thread out of the gutters of RSU to ask if anyone has any more opinions about the Torker. Depending on weather or not my LBS ever stocks one, I might pick it up.

Mostly I want to hear from people who own it or have a bit of saddle time with it. What are the high points? Low? Has anything broke?

On a side note, yesterday I went for a 10 mile road ride followed by a brief trials session. The road ride was on my Sem 26er with Torker/KH seat. The trials was on my Summit with Torker/Miyata seat. After an hour on the Torker/KH the Torker/Miyata felt like a rock. I think I might have to order more of those seats now.


get the nimbus, no question

The Torker DX does not have a particularly wide frame. The new line is a huge improvement over the chrome predocessors (the CX line), but they still have some things to learn in the MUni trade. If the frame were wider, and they offered one with a 26 wheel, and if it were cheaper than the Nimbus, I’d be all over it. Untill then, Torkers are still more or less learner unis

how good’s the pashley 26"? I am thinking about getting one but am un sure of how long it will last.

The Pashley frame is a really good one. The bearing holders are excellent too. I have a Pashley 26 and ride it all the time (when I’m not recovering from crashes). I have replaced everything but the frame over time; and I have trimmed the frame to put the seat lower, and reamed the seat tube to use a slightly large seatpost. I now have a Gazz Jr 26" on it and a CF air saddle and a Reeder handle. So you will eventually replace the stock components such as wheel, cranks and seat. If you are buying from, it is worth it to get the Power wheel if they are still selling it. A set of Kookas are worth it too.

oops here’s the photo, although this isn’t with the Gazz I think.

entire uni front angle (tiny).jpg