Muni's in the news

A reporter from the San Antonio Express/News did an article on us last Sunday. S_Wallis (Scott), unidad (Jeff), U-turn (Dave) and myself were featured along with a few of the other local Muni riders. Here’s the article and video clip:

Wow, that is one cool article, Kenny! :slight_smile:

Alright kenny.
Enjoyed the article, pics, and video.

Great press! Finally someone’s getting the message out to quash the circus performer references…

I love some of the quotes:

Heh, they say this like it’s a problem. Handlebars are for sissies!

Yes and no. I’d consider myself a geek. And I’d like to think I muni pretty hard.

That’s one way of putting it. I guess “maneuvering” includes falling off, pushing the uni down the trail a bit and getting back on :stuck_out_tongue:

I like that Scott considers muni therapy for his injuries. For me, muni is the injury for my therapy :smiley:

Nice article guys. That thing about Scott not being able to ride a bike anymore is true for others too. My wife in the past has bike-toured with me for something like 10000 miles in several countries was so disappointed when a neck injury (while unicycling) made it so she couldn’t ride more than a few miles on her bike. She tried everything, extending the handlebars higher etc. Then she found unicycling. She can cruise all day on a unicycle - just like Scott!


I agree, Nicole Larsen (the reporter) did an excellent job AND got every one of the quotes right :smiley:

Could someone please tell me how I can save the video portion from this article?

I wish our whole local group could have made it out that day to make it look more like a “movement”. We didn’t have much choice on where to take the reporter and camera man, walking in sandles. I don’t think they had any idea what to expect. After describing to the camera man what we planned to do we started off down the trail. I heard him say “Where are you going? I thought you were going to ride on the street.”

And I had no idea he was shooting video. It was a newspaper, after all.
It is really weird to be talking to someone and suddenly remember that what you are saying may be printed for all to see.

Well, she did a good job but the quotes from me were a little tweaked, though not nearly what I had feared knowing what reporters sometimes do.

I think I said “went down” the mountain, which was more accurate.:wink:

You can use Net Transport to download streaming video files like the one in the article.

First install Net Transport
Copy the following URL into Net Transport to download
Net Transport will download it and save it to whatever folder you’ve set in the program options for the download directory.

I downloaded the program and then the “download box” started flashing on and off real fast and I couldn’t even shut down my computer. I had to hold the on/off button on the computer to power it down. Any idea what happened?

Thats awsome. More stuff like this needs to happen.

I like the thing about you guys not having anything to do with juggling/circus stuff. I learned how to juggle this summer (much to my dismay) so unfortuantly when someone yells “hey, can you juggle too??” I have to either admit it, or lie…

The video wasn’t very good though. It looks as if they purposfully kept the shots were everybody falls down or something…

They did have some better footage, but I think perhaps the reason it was edited like that was to get the point across as to how difficult Muni’ing really is. And, of course, the film doesn’t do the trail justice. It was quite rocky on top where we were starting and quite a bit steeper than it looks :slight_smile:

nice work on the article, good to get the word out correctly.

That is odd. I’m not sure what happened. It has always worked well for me with no significant problems.

I’ve put the video in my Temporary Stuff gallery so you can grab it.

I got it:)
Thanks John!!!