Munimage: The Imagery of Mountain Unicycling

None of the riding is too intense, nor could it be as my ankle still heals from my injury at NAUCC (North American Unicycling Championships and Convention).

However, I wanted to get some good use out of my new camera and decided to do so by telling a miniature story and showing a bit more of the experience of an actual muni ride rather than mass together a bunch of random clips of intense riding.

I suggest downloading the high resolution/quality version from the first link below, its so much more gratifying watching it fullscreen and the file size isn’t too big. The second link is the upload to vimeo, its decent quality on there but not as good as the download. (right-click “save as”)

Thanks for watching.

That was really nice.

I loved the way the riding matched the whole cinematic feel.

Good job.

Wow high quality video imagery looks great. Where’d you get the music? I like the relaxing, meditative tone.

Great cinematography Brian! What format did you export as for vimeo?

Thanks! The music is a track titled “I Know You Are But What Am I” from the instrumental post-rock band Mogwai. Some of there music is a good bit heavier but a lot is surprisingly relaxing like this track.

Thank you, I really appreciate that. It’s what I was going for.

Thanks! I exported as a windows media file from Sony Vegas Pro following this tutorial: Vimeo Help Center

I appreciate the feedback guys, keep it coming. :slight_smile:

That was absolutely amazing. A true work of art. I would say more, but I’m at a loss for words.

Wow, thanks Danni, I really appreciate that. I consider this is my first time filming and editing a video, I’ve done a few short tests here and there over the past couple weeks but this is my first real effort. I definitely feel like I’ve started on the right foot.

I’m also starting to understand what you said about people not commenting enough on videos a while back in one of your threads. I understand that my video has only been up for a day or two but there is 139 (144 in the time it took to write this) page views and only four comments not counting my own.

Great video Brian. Hope that we definitely see more of those in the future! Sometimes I wish my videos had more of an art feel than just riding. But I would definitely need a new camera for that :wink:


I took the time to download the video to my computer and it was well worth the wait, amazing images. I loved how the video didn’t only focus on the riding but the camerawork and editing aswel, (Something I should do more in my videos… I need more then just a digital camera first though :frowning: )
Keep it up!

It’s simply awesome, man!
The best first attempt i’ve ever seen. :slight_smile:
Really high-quality artwork, and Mogwai was a pretty good choice for music.
I wish it would be longer…

Keep up the good work Brian! :slight_smile:

That was great. Great views/ angles. Riding matched the music matched the editing. Great job. :30 was really cool:)

small threadjack about your vid

How do you get the video to be so big and show in wide screen w/o the black bars on the top and bottom? Thanks Brian.

That was really good. Great Job

Nice work Brian. One of my favorite MUni clips. The quality of that camera is too good.

Nice work. The clearness is amazing.

Wow… just amazing!

I don’t know why my computer had such difficulty viewing the Hi-Def version, but I was able to get a pretty good idea of the quality. I’m going to try to work the kinks out of that. Even watching the vimeo link, however, amazed me. I feel that we need more videos like this in the unicycle world. No disrespect intended towards others when I say this, but I enjoyed this video more than I’ve enjoyed a lot of other videos with much bigger tricks.

Great work, can’t wait to see the next.

I liked the quality of the video, well done, and also liked the artistic view. I was hoping for more particularly after a 76mb download, under 2 minutes was really short with little Muni in.

Try closing other programs/applications you have open especially the ones that are using a lot of RAM and then watch it :wink: .

Excellent vid Brian.

It sure didn’t look like your ankle was bothering you, that drop off the log looked crazy with the half rev!

Thank you so much for the feedback everyone, I’m going to be starting up a more substantial video soon including more types of riding. Making this video and seeing all the responses I’ve been getting has really gotten me pumped up to do more!

As long as the pedal is right at the middle of my foot, drops don’t hurt too bad. I’m used to riding more on the balls of my feet though (maybe that was the problem to begin with) so that kind of throws me off. I was kind of stupid for starting to ride so soon. I messed up a few times on the log drop and really hurt the ankle for a bit. I haven’t ridden any since I shot the video because the next day it was pretty sore again.