Munifesto 2 released!

Well its finally here. Munifesto 1 came out in mid 2004 and i have been planning and working on its sequel for several months. i hope you enjoy it. The premiere went great considering the audience consisted of 500 non-unicycling talent show viewers.

please feel free to leave comments. I hope you will enjoy it.


Yes the name is a Ryan Leech reference.

I commented on the video :smiley:

Nicely done. Where’s the Muni? :slight_smile:


Definitely nice, but I’ve got to agree with John on this one: I was hoping for some Muni action, but was bombarded with street and trails instead! :thinking: :slight_smile:

where is the MUNI?

well that is actually a funny story.
i took a trip to southern utah to film some stuff on the redbull rampage course by st George. we spent the whole first day filming lots of huge drops and gaps on a very extreme mountain bike course. we got a few 6 foot drops and some nice crashes. i made one fatal error. i thought my mom could work a camera. hehe

my head was cut out, the camera would pan out randomly and we got 7 mins of footage of the floor.
basically nothing was usable or is had been done too many times before.

no offense to my mom or anything but nest time i should give her some pointers.

Also i had planned on calling it munifesto 2 forever. Ryan Leech is a bike trials rider and he made a movie called manifesto so i played off that and made munifesto 1.