munifest backpack

Reading recent threads on backpacks for the Moab Munifest, I found a “camelbak” backpack that looks like what some were describing. See the picture below. Does this look like a good choice? It looks a tad on the large size, and a bit cumbersome, but I guess it has to be big enough to carry 100 oz. of H20. It goes for about $80. If anyone can recommend other backpacks, or maybe similar but less expensive, please chime in!

The ad reads: CamelBak M.U.L.E. Hydration Pack - 100 oz.
$80.00 Item 733668


i think that is probably the best if u want that much water, i have one of my dads bladders, and on a scorcher of a MUni ride, in the middle of the bush, i ran out of water-so the larger is probably better, and u can fit a repair kit in the back, with a phone etc., and that is a pretty good price too

thats an excellent pack…it probly holds enough watter to suit your need and it isnt big but it is big enough to throw some tools an spare tube and some granola bars or sumthing in…and some one who is with you should have a pump…but why not bring your own.

Yeah the Mule is a good one. I have a Blow Fish it is about the same size but has an expandable feature that when expanded it is big enough to put your jacket in it. I think it is a little bit more expensive but I think it’s worth it.

How many bladders does your dad have? My dad only has one and I sure wouldn’t want to drink out of it.:stuck_out_tongue:

That pack looks pretty good the only worry I ever have with backpacks is that they move around alot when you hop, so if you go to a store and test one out and jump around with it alot that would probably be your best bet.

Last time I was in Moab I was filling two bladders and drinking about 1.5 by the end of the day. I sweat like a friggin pig but you can’t carry too much water, it’s high desert (or dessert?) so it’s extra dry.

Make sure your pack is big enough to carry a dry shirt, spare tube, patch kit, and tools to change tubes and tighten various bolts. It’s nice to have so many people around that someone will surely have the tool you need but it’s cool to be the guy who shares with others!

I have a Camelback Hawg and it is ideal.

I bought the camelbak “blowfish”. It is similar to the “mule” in size and bladder capacity (100 0z.), but it also has an extra zippered compartment that, if needed, expands to another 300 ci or so, hence the soubriquet. :sunglasses: