Municyclist in PDX?

Alright, as freaky and fun as Portland, Oregon is I know there have got
to be a few uni/muni folks out there!

I’ve been unicycling for about a year and now I’m starting to play
w/the muni, I’m looking for someone to tool around the local trails

Where you at???

there a couple of us in Salem.

I live in Mcminnville,

Well technicaly i’m in Georgia, but i’ll be back on the 18th. ^^

I am near vancouver, washington, which isn’t too far away. If you get a group together to ride, I would probably be able to come.

Downtown Portland would be a sweet place to ride. Or maybe under the burnside bridge where they hold the Saturday Market. I don’t live in Portland though, I live in Eugene.

no, the other side of Burnside where the skate park is woould be better.

Yeah, if it wasn’t constantly flooded because of it’s fame. If you plan to go to Burnside, look up a sho nearby called Cal-Skate. They’ll be able to help you pick an empty day. Or there are the Newberg, Tualitin and Sherwood skateparks 15-30 minutes away.

just go there around 8 am to 11am and everyone is pasted out. sure you have to ollie over a few homeless but they know better than to passout on the line or in the bowls.

i know Cal Skate, they sell killer kites.

Downtown Portland is not a good place to ride. Portland has become a police state since the bitch has been mayor. Portland does not allow any wheeled vehicles on the sidewalks in the downtownish area. Outside of the downtownish area it’s OK (or at least it was OK last time I checked). You have to ride your little trials uni on the street with the cars if you want to cut through downtown.

hey now, that Mayor acually made it legal to ride your other than bike means of commuting in the street at least. untill then, you couldnt ride you rollerblades,skateboard, pogostick etc. even unicycles in the downtown streets at all…

at least she signed on to that. now people have more ways to leave thier cars at home…

Katz isnt the Mayor anymore.

Vera Katz didn’t initiate the change to the skateboarding and the non-bicycle vehicle laws. It was a city commissioner that proposed the change. And it was about 7 years into her reign that the issue was finally addressed. It happened in spite of Katz not because of Katz.

Here’s a good site about Oregon and Portland bicycle laws:
Bicycle laws
More on bicycle laws
Skate law and non-bicycle vehicle law

And I know Vera Katz is finally no longer mayor of Portland. About time. I have no idea if the new guy is a turd or not.


I’m in Tillamook next Wednesday and will probably do an AM ride somewhere up in the Coast Range on the Wilson (The highway between Banks and Tillamook).

This will be my last internet access until Tuesday nite though. My cell is 206 890-1024 if you’re interested.

Re: Municyclist in PDX?

Thanks for all the replies. I guess the short answer is no there are
not muni riders in Portland, well atleast not that are on this list.

Anyhoo, looks like there are several folks within 30mins or so. I also
know there are folks in Bend.

As for riding downtown, tis true, you can’t uni on the sidewalks. I
have and was told by TheMan to get my bike off the sidewalk, when I
started to say it wasn’t a bike dude got pissed. So I tend to say off
sidewalks downtown to avoid conficts.

I’ve down some scouting, looks like under the east side of the
Hawthorne bridge there are some cool things to play on. I’ve also found
a spot near the Rose Quarter transit center. I’m sure there are cool
play spots all over the place, these are just ones that I’ve noticed.

BTW: Thanks for the offer UniBrier, but I’m not gonna be heading that

There have been previous posts to the forum by Portland area riders looking for others in the area. Search the forum. Here’s a couple that I managed to find with a very quick and dirty search:
Hood River area MUNI rider
Oregon Unicyclists?

Here’s a thread on Hood River and the Post Canyon trails. Theo is probably a Portland area rider.

If you learn the trails around Post Canyon and are willing to informally organize a ride in Hood River at Post Canyon I’d be willing to drive down to Hood River to go riding for the weekend. I do need to get down to Hood River before the end of the good riding season this year. The trails there are fun and Hood River is a good place to visit.

Re: Municyclist in PDX?

Thanks for the search results John, I had dug around a bit and found
them. Post Canyon sounds awesome, don’t know when I’ll get the chance
to get out there, but I’m gonna add it to my list!

If any of you semi-locals are looking for uni fun check out the
cyclocross action this fall. Here’s a link to the site:

I think there were 3-5 racers last year.

Mt. Hood Ski Bowl has a fun downhill run open to MTB and MUni (See this thread). There is also a ride down to a lake so you can spend some time at the top before the big descent.

I held off riding on Tuesday due to the AM rain. Ended up skipping the trail on the Wilson River at the King Mountain Trailhead and decided to do the 900’ descent in 2.5 miles on a Cape Lookout foot path later in the afternoon. Unfortunately when I got dropped off at the top of the cape I found the trail was closed due to an un-repaired landslide from earlier this year. It turned out to be a pretty boring 900’ descent on the road shoulder. Scenery always good though.