Municycling (Slovenia)-To se pa tu ne dela (''You shouldn't do that here'')

This is a trailer of unicycling movie, shooted 2 years ago in Slovenia’s national park and the Biggest Mountain called Triglav (2864m). The original movie will be around 30 min long and you can see it this summer 2009.

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glad to see munis making a comeback! looks like you guys had a ton of fun, cant wait for the longer version :smiley:

great to see a muni vid, there should be much more of them!!

beautiful scenery, good riding and editing…:slight_smile:

your cranks are (were) huge :astonished:

only one more thing: how can you first film in a church and afterwards have the f-word that many times in the song? :thinking:

good to see there are still a few muni riders out there. like your video and i can t wait to see the whole movie. how long did it take to walk up and ride down?

also liked the scenery especially the girl looks good in the mountains.

Very nice vid!:slight_smile:

Hey Johannes nicht das Du mir vom Weg abkommst!!!

Cool video! Did the uni survive that flight xD?

Haha, everyone likes that girl in the vid. She is from Spain, i think. :sunglasses:
Ammm… Yea, the muni survived that flight :D:D

We also break the rule, that we shouldn’t ride in those mountains. It’s Slovenian national park but, who cares… :p;)

Johann3s, for up we needed aprox. 8h , and for descent aprox. 12h !

Yeah!!! Impressive riding. Love riding downhills, loathe uphills. Bad-Ass downhills on there and the skree riding was awesome!
Look forward to the whole magilla…