municycling.... lakedistrict

last weekend i took my muni to the lakes for a ride, i carried it all the way up looking forward to the ride down however it was impossible and highly irratating. I would be very greatful if anyone has any suggestion to a good route.

You need to give more details dude. What lakes? Which Lancaster? Lancaster, Pennsylvania? In England?

Was the walk up impossible, or the ride down?

i presume the Lake District in northern England. Its way cool up there, I’m going to have to go there one day on my uni.

which fell did you ride?
I rode dod fell a while back and thats quite an easy
ride down. They have cut some trees round the top to make a nice view
it was realy fun to ride.So it might be somewhere for you to try.
ill post some pics up iff i can find them :slight_smile:

heres some pics

Nice pics there. I went to the lake district on a school trip once, and we went kayaking around the lake someone tried to set the speed record on, and then we hiked around another and around some of the hills/mountains. I wish I could go back with my muni because it was great fun!

sweet ride man!

i’d love to go to the lakes sometime- you’re pretty lucky to live so near. if i’ve got time out from work and money for transport, hit me up next time you’re heading out there, even though i’ve only a 19" like yourself in the photos!

Lake District is great to ride from what I remember. I’ve been there two years ago with a mountainbike. (I was a very beginner at that time) It really hasn’t the most difficult muni tracks as I remember, but it’s a nice place with very beautiful nature.

If someone is planning to be there for a week or more in the summer to do muni, I’d really like to come along.

(needs some money first, but I’d really like to do a cheap, adventurous holiday.)

yer it was realy great and with a 19"
you can do more techy stuff which is fun as well.
Ill send you a PM next time i go up there. :slight_smile:

Im going to the lake district for about 2 weeks in august, I will be taking my KH29 and KH20 (and maybe a KH24 if I decide to get one). If anyone can make it and wants to ride, PM me.

For those who have already riden them, a list/acount of good walks/rides would be great, if thats not too much to ask.

I live in the lakes so I should probably know some routes I guess. If you look on most mountain bike sites there are tons of routes on there that could be adapted. If you’re looking for more purpose built trails you could always try Whinlatter (near keswick/Cockermouth) or possibly closer for you is Grisedale which as a selection of trails to choose from, red, blue, green routes etc. Both these spots are forestry owned and there is info on the web out them both. There is some decent single track at Whinlatter that woul dbe great to try out on a 24" I reckon.

Other than that just walk up any of the moutains and Uni down. Don’t try Skiddaw unless you have a 24" with a brake, I tried it on a 20" and could barely walk for a few days after it was a killer coming down, just too steep.