MUnicycling in Oslo

No, sorry, I didn’t. But I was in Oslo from Wednesday to Sunday (business of
course). On Saturday, we had a day off and my colleague and I had a long walk
through the hills and forests around Oslo. It’s a little bit like in the alps,
but more smooth and not so high (< 500m). The surroundings are more than
beautiful and there are a lot of mountainbikers which brings me to the point:

If you ever go to Norway, take your MUni with you. It must be absolutely great
to ride up there. At least in the Oslo area, there’s a lake every two miles,
there are rivers and the pathes are very fine for riding. I really wished very
much that I had mine with me.

And after the walk or ride you can take a bath in one of the many lakes where it
is allowed :slight_smile:


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