This is primarily for anybody in the US that is thinking about ordering from, maybe it’ll be useful for someone. I turned to MDC because I needed a couple items that I could not find in the US. Roland was extremely helpful answering all the questions I had and even helped me get something I needed that was not shown on the website.

Prices on the web include 16% VAT tax but US customers don’t have to pay that. You can see the actual price you’ll pay if you create an account and put in your proper zip code. If you’re browsing the site often, just use any email address and password login that’s easy to remember until you’re actually ready to order. Their checkout system calculates the shipping charge automatically using certain break points in weight. Shipping is a little expensive, but I added a couple things to my order that were just cheaper over there and the total was not bad.

I was a little worried about being hit with surprise import duties or taxes once it got to the US, but I’ve heard that you’re not charged those things unless the order is over $200. My order was just under this amount and I didn’t have to pay anything extra, but maybe the $200 thing is not actually official - not sure. My order arrived almost exactly 1 month after I placed the order, which didn’t seem too long to me. Everything was correct and looked like it was packed with care.

I highly recommend MDC if you need something that you can’t find in the US, it’s a great shop.


Forgot to mention that my CC company did charge me 6 or 7 bucks for the “foreign transaction”.

I second all the above. I bought a KH freeride from them last year. Quick delivery to Australia, helpful advice, nil VAT, didn’t have to pay any import tax. Still alot cheaper by around AUD150 than anywhere else.:slight_smile:

My freestyle unicycle just arrived from them, along with some other stuff.

shipping was pretty fast considering christmas, and they were really really helpful.

Shipping was kindof expensive ($80 I think) but it wasn’t too bad for a big box.

they also put gummie candies in my box!