- Desktop Wallpaper

Just a starter, if you could suggest ideas on the blog it would be helpful.
Check back there for new ones…


The link to the picture doesnt work for me.

Same here, but SICK job on the wallpaper. Will it be in different screen resolutions?

same, but you did do a good job on that wall paper. a new one every month would be awesome.

changed, sorry…still figuring out the UDC blog

Different Rezz.? Mine doesent fit, And my screen is purdy big…

ya ive got a 24" monitor, but i assume that most people dont have such a big screen.

this is the first of many

nice J.

There are alot of exciting things on so make sure you check them out from time to time!


thanks guys,

if you’ve got any suggestions through them at me on the blog

wah! your monitor has 4X the surface area of mine, what resolution does that thing use?

I do not like that font lol

1900x1200. =p