Muniac Manor Updates

To People Of Univille,

    Sorry for the e-mail shut down and mix up. is back
    online and working. will be along shortly I hope.
    Please use for MUni related stuff.

    Bernd Wolfing scanned pictures he took at Wawayanda and they are
    available for viewing on "what's done". Also some unicycle hockey
    pictures are available there too. Sorry the hockey pictures aren't
    that great but you should get the idea. Flash range is limited in
    the big gym.

    We're still doing the weekend MUni rides but less the pictures. Should
    be enough pictures of previous rides for everyone to see the program.
    When we get some new faces and places I'll break out the camera again.
    If anyone wants to schedule a newbie ride please let me know. It's yours
    for the asking. Don't be shy. Happy trails. Later.

“The Muniac” (Scott Bridgman)

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