well folks as some of you may know i once was kicked from the Muniac Manor for asking a PDF file question ? as you can see in that thread the Maniac cannot take a joke and chose to suggest that im dumb for just asking a question then seeking the answer… i didnt bother to respond to such childness.

months later i re-subscribed to the Manor as The Phoenix.

well just a few days ago a guy asked a question (in the “open topic” forum) about unicycle was met with a rather condisending responce from the Maniac…a few days later i responded with a link to the Puerto Rican All-stars (they rule!). that thread was then pulled from the forum without a trace.

yesterday i asked about this on his forum and my question got erased and I,The Phoenix was again kicked out???

So now i re-subscribed again, to ask why. that link is sure to “disappear” as well so i’ll paste it just for history…

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posted November 30, 2003 09:05 PM

so i get kicked from this site as “jagur” for asking about a PDF file…?
Now as (The Phoenix) i get kicked off for posting a link to the Puerto Rican All-stars in the “uni-basketball” thread thats now been removed???

well for whatever its worth,i subscribed again…

dont you other readers wonder what else gets edited before we ever se it? like this post,im sure.

post haste’

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i just wanted to let you know.thanx for your time friends.

Awww poor Jagur. At least here Gilby puts up with your dumb questions without kicking. I find that there are areas on the internet where it is not worth the bother to argue with people, because it is just a waste of time. Sometimes it is fun but other times you may as well spend your time elsewhere, where your contributions are appreciated. Good luck making friends as ‘Megalo-Muniac’.

Such as here!

editorial powers

I do not know Muniac personnaly but there may be a plainly rational
reason for all this.
You may like to read muniac news because they are supposed to be
focused on muni
now the editor wants it like that… and erase all other mails
just to keep the news closely focused.
now you can read generalist unicycling news (such as here)
OR/AND go to muniac manor.

Ok an editor has to be both strong on editorial policy and soft on
explaining things so may be Muniac owes you at least an explanation.
next time you’re about to meet him bring a bottle to settle the argument .



In my personal opinion, Muniac is a prick. This is just the impression I get in browsing his site and his forums. Plus, he wants too much money for his products, and gets very defensive if you criticise him about it.

That’s why I don’t go there anymore.


about 8 people a year browse that forum anyway so i wouldn’t even bother with it

Perhaps he saw the “most replies” thread here and didn’t want his forum to degenerate into something like that.

I agree. I gave up on it too.

This past October, I was at the New Jersey II MUni invitational that was organized by Muniac. It was a well organized event and was attended by around 30 people. (I think that’s about the right number!?!) On Saturday and Sunday, lunch was free for all participants, I assume Muniac paid for it since there was no registration fee for the weekend. It was a great event and well received by everyone from what I saw.

Personally, it was my first uni event and Muniac made me feel very welcome and encouraged me in my modest attempts as a rookie rider.

I have also gained much knowledge and insight from his web site and am grateful for the time he has spent in setting it up and maintaining it.

New and high tech stuff is always expensive, including Muniac’s stuff. Look at any sport, hobby, etc. and you will see this is true. But the trick stuff always trickles down and makes the affordable, mass produced items better. It takes lots of time and special effort to do the research and development of products. Most mass production companies will not spend the time or money to improve or create new products. I probably will never buy top end, super trick products because of the price. But I am thankful for the ones who make it, because I will benefit from their efforts in the future when the ideas are incorporated in mass produced items.

Muniac has his faults, which are sometimes shown on his site since he is generous with his opinions. But don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater. Instead of calling him a prick or slamming him, I think the uni community would be better served with constructive criticism, not name calling.

By the way, I thought the basketball question was appropriate in the open discussion portion of the Muniac Manor site. But Muniac does all the work to maintain it, I guess it’s his call to control it. If his site doesn’t get much use as a forum, it should tell him something. But a specialized forum won’t get as much use as a general forum like this one.

That’s my 2 cents…


Jagur youve always been a cool guy so dont worry about it its obviously him who has the problem so just forget bout it or whine and whine and whine till ya get what ya want like me (admires half the stuff in his room).


the following is a respectful email i sent to SB

ah where do i start?i never understood the reason why you first kicked me for the PDF file thread.if anything i helped others by linking the answer i got from RSU into your forum.i never responded and basicly let it go without question.

two days ago you delete a thread that i thought was fair game since you left it up for 5 or 6 days anyway.if you didnt like it,why didnt you delete right away,instead of leaveing it there for all to see untill i gave that thirsty sole a link of my own? anyway it doesnt matter anymore.ive posted my thoughts and i am giving you right now what i never got,an explanation for actions.

i just want you to know that im not going to re-registar again (i like your forum,its just to bad im not welcome.after all i was there in the beginning as member #20).im a mature father of two and i have no intentions of dragging this on forever.what i mean is basicly ive said my peace and i’ll move on.

please accept my posts in the last 2 days as nothing more than my honest reaction to what i feel was a strange situation and nothing more.



This seems to be from someone who has never met the man. I recommend you reserve judgement until you do. Scott is a very nice, helpful person, who has given much to unicycling by being a bit promoter of MUni in the NJ area.

I think Rolls Royce and Ferraris are very overpriced, but I don’t bitch about it. I just don’t buy 'em. It’s so nice to have a choice of what unicycles and equipment we buy. We didn’t always. is a private site, and I am going to assume the forums are privately monitored. Scott probably trims content from time to time, at his sole discretion.

The forums/ are run as “public” forums, in that they are not monitored/censored/edited. Most of what gets done is in the form of cleanup and repiar, but not controlling content unless it is way outside the rules that have been set for the forums/newsgroup. So it’s a lot more like being able to soap box on a street corner than apparently is. My own web site would be similar to Scotts, in that I would only use the content I feel like.

I haven’t spent very much time at, and I notice Scott Bridgeman is not a frequent poster here. To each his own. If you want free speech, it helps a lot to own the media you’re using for communication… :slight_smile: