Forums No More?

Did they change to a home owners association board or is it just me?

Yeah, I noticed that a few days ago. I don’t think anyone has posted there since back in November.
I guess he’s realized that the board has outlived it’s usefullness.
He’s obviously got a few personal causes to address and is using the board for that purpose.

  • Frank

think about all those posts,history,reviews and links that were just deleted.some of us here spent alot of time typing on that forum,what a waste.

Just think Jag, now you will have more time and energy to post here. As if you need it. :roll_eyes:

 I would like to think he's got it on some sort of offline back-up. I agree, there was some good stuff on there. Maybe he'll make it available as an archive, read only type of thing.

And without so much as his trademark “Later”.

  • Frank

I swear, thats my trade mark.