MUniable 36" tires, what would you want?

Looks like some folks are getting serious about getting some 36" grips made. If things do come to a head we might as well let our opinions be known for what we would like to see in an off-road orientated tire.

Carving a decent tread out of an existing 36" tire is a ton of work, and don’t say that the coker MUni tire is already a decent tread, I have never used it but I can’t see it doing well on anything but hardpack.

I am envisioning a lighter more agressive tire, similar to some of our 26 and 29" choices. I did build the 36x2.4 Racing Ralph tire and it has been a great improvement but still not perfect (and not mass produced).

Personally I would like to see a bit more substantial sidewalls than the Racing Ralph with a nice open tread pattern. I am thinking that a good MUniable 36" tire should be in the 900-1000g range and while we are at it a folding bead would do wonders for storing spares and shipping tires (while loosing a bit of weight in the process)

Here is the thread where our two wheeled brethren are discussing the possibilities.

I concur with you on all points Eric, especially the folding tyre one. Current 36er tyres are cumbersome to ship and transport. If a new generation of tyres could fold, life would be so much simpler!

I can also understand your point about thicker sidewalls on the Ralph. It is a light tyre, but most of this comes from the fact that it is not super nobbly and its sidewalls aren’t super thick. I suppose there is a compromise there somewhere, low weight, but solid enough to not wear through sidewalls??

I really like the Maxxis ardent. Been running the folding 2.4" on my 26er for 18 months now, and I haven’t had any issues with the sidewalls, the tread is a good all rounder, maybe a 36er tyre similar to that would do the trick?

Or we could just forget about the weight issue and push for a 36" version of the 24"X 3" Duro Wildlife Leopard…now that would be a monster of a tyre (literally)!!! Hahaha. :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked the Coker Off - Road tyre. The tread pattern looks a like novelty item but it offers more traction in most conditions off road than the Nightrider. If the tread pattern is too aggressive the rolling resistance will make it less fun to ride. I find the 36’er a bit awkward off road - the size of the wheel makes it less than ideal for more technical trails. So basically I would want something with a bit more traction than the Coker but nothing too over the top.

Tubeless compatible would be nice for off-road.

36x4.5" anyone?

No, but seriously, I think a 36" version of the Conti Rubber Queen 2.4" would be very nice. It really shouldn’t get too wide because of tire rub on thighs issues.

The Nightrider is pretty good offroad, though.

Ardent 2.4 is darn near perfect on the 29 and 26, so that’s what I’d want in a 36er. In fact, I have contemplated making one from two 26/29 treads, maybe even the 2.6 DH version, Eric?

For muni on a 36, the RR carcas is too lightweight, so you’d have to run high pressures. It’d make more sense to have a meatier tire that allows the option of low or high pressure, not to mention, the RR has durability issues in the sidewall.

I’d buy one today.


Building a tire question:

Starting with two wire bead tires, could you expose a few inches of the wire, overlap them, have the beads welded together? Then all you’d have to “repair” is the areas where the bead was pulled away from the tire and at the tire overlap.

That said, couldn’t you do the same for a folding bead, have them stitched together at a shoe repair shop after vulcanizing the two halves together?

I’m thinking Ardent 2.6, on sale; I already have one just need one more :slight_smile:

I agree that the 2.4 kevlar ardent is an amazing tire, and if we had that in a 36er size it would be the perfect Coker-MUni tire! Having said that, my G-26er sort of makes my 36er irrelevant on the trail, since it’s a virtual 39er in high, and the ideal MUni in 1:1. But the big wheel is still a blast offroad, and a different experience that everyone should try at least once! :slight_smile:

I am a little bit surprised to see so many people thinking that the Ardent would be the best tire to base a off-road 36 on, I guess I shouldn’t really be since they are so popular with both the 26 and 29" crowd right now.

Ben: I never had very good success with joining wire beads but never tired welding, not sure if would trust a weld on a wire. Kevlar beads are the way to go.

the 2.6 Ardent might be a bit tight. I have 3mm clearance with the Racing Ralph 2.4 based tire and according to shiggy’s tire database the 2.6 Ardent will be about 2mm taller. That is a bit too close for my comfort.

On the mtbr thread Walt is suggesting a 2.0-2.1 sized tire. A 2.0 could have phenomenal grip, great rolling and light weight bit I think I would miss the cush of a bit more volume. I don’t see why we don’t aim for something in the 2.2-2.3 range.

Yes, that could be an issue with some frames, ie KH. I was comparing my Ardent 2.6 to a Intense DH 2.5 and the Ardent is easilly 1/2" taller, maybe even an inch :frowning:

I’d have to compare to the Ardent 2.4, which due to it being an XC build, might be lower in profile.

I’m probably going to start with my Intense DH 2.5 since I have three of them and no one wanted to buy them…

So is 2000gm to heavy for a supar-dooty 36er muni tire?


Cuz we want a fatty!! Go Big or Go Home :slight_smile:

to lazy to break up the quote

My first answer would be that I don’t want it any heavier than what’s already available. They’re too heavy. But a good traction tire might have to be a little heavier to have the tread. Or not last as long, but I’ll come back to that.

For my own 36" offroad riding, I don’t need an aggressive tread; they all work fine for me. Since I generally ride when it’s dry, and on trails that aren’t very technical.

I think what 36" riders need is a good road tire. Right now all we have are tank road tires. If we’re to go skinnier, make a road tire that’s lighter. Perhaps sacrifice some of the super long life of those tires for some more performance.

But if we’re thinking of “the masses”, uh, then there are probably already too many 36" tires available. :stuck_out_tongue:

John, I agree with you that the majority of 36" riders would benefit more from a lighter road tire instead of a more aggressive off-road tire, but there is a group of 36" mountain bikers currently looking at their options and making calls.

They want a tire with better grip and some of us do too. Maybe I am biased but I figure there are more XC 36" unicyclists around than 36er mountain bikers so we might as well let them know what we would want (and possibly buy if it were to be made available)

Our 36" tires wear like iron, I am all for losing a bit of tire longevity for a lighter grippier tire more suited to loam, sand, rocks, and won’t get packed with mud. A folding bead would also be a huge plus for shipping purposes.

A lighter road tire is another subject and I am all for it, in fact if there is ever a light road tire made we should also have some lighter skinnier rims to go with them. The current 42mm rims are great for low pressure stability but I would love to also see some 30mm rims with light 40-50mm tires… but one project at a time right?

That’s right, off road 36ers have two markets, whereas road 36ers have one, so we get dibs on new tire development :smiley:

Bicyclist here - I think there will also be a group of cyclists looking for a good city/commuting tire and if a company is willing to do a small run of off-road tires, I’m sure they’d do the same for a road tire.

Is there a consensus on how many off-road and on-road 36" unicyclers are out there? By our count we’ve got 25-35 bikers worldwide at this point, probably growing 20%/yr by most recent building figures we’ve heard passed around so Eric is undoubtedly correct in saying there ore more uni’s.