Muni36ering Setup

So I just recently started riding my 36er off road again. I have come to a problem with finding the right handlebar configuration with the brakes.

I am using the Nimbus Shadow Handel bars with my road setup in the first picture below. For Muni I have it like the second picture. I would really like to find a way to mount the brakes under the seat near the plastic grab handle as that feels better to grab on bigger descents than the middle of the bar(where I have it now) I have considered removing the handles all together and mounting it under the seat but I also enjoy using the handles on straightaways and switchbacks for more control when I kick her in high gear.

Any advise as to how I could mount the brakes under the seat with handlebars would be really appreciated.

What kind of setup do you run on your 36er Muni/RoadUni?

Nice rig and 36 muni ( Guni even wow ) is a great effort!

I would suggest 2 seperate front handles for your dual purpose Uni.

For muni perhaps you could put the T Bar very close to the saddle. Being a short t bar extension and have the brake mounted up front far as possible?

Clear as mud probably sorry if i cant explain it well.

Long extention in the trees here rocks my uni alot, and risk twisting and tangling when i upd. Seems almost unbalances up front with long extentions offroad. Short has been great. But on road its only ok. Long is stable if i pedal smoothly and stay on the saddle.

try everything you can think of and let us know what worked for you!
All the best.

I’m no expert, but I’ve had good luck with the setup in the middle picture on page 32 of the KH book. You can use grab handle for muni, and if you leave the bar longer (he chopped it off) you can extend it for road riding.