is ok ,but really ,i’d rather huck on 2 wheels, you just can’t land it as nice on 1 wheel,muni is a nagging struggle,? I wish I had mtn bike ,mtn bike is a pretend motorcycle.As far as being slightly gay ,ya ,I’d say that .And every goof has a stupid remark about uni,right.I hate that the most about wheeling.


20" kh
24" kh
36"big one
norco launch
guerceottii 54cm
yamaha ty350 trials,rips up the mtn bike trials
kawasaki kdx 200 enduro,150kms on 1 tank

I can’t even comprehend what you are trying to say :thinking:

it sounds to me mate like your not a great fan of uniccyling and this is a unicycling forum…so you proabaly won’t get many people agreeing with you here…

but everyone has a right to their own opinion (even though i do disagree with you :stuck_out_tongue: )

Re: muni

Bikes, especially the motorized kind, are plenty fun. But they’re just too easy for some of us.

Ride what makes you happy.

Someday I’ll get out on a dirt bike again. I’ve done it once and it was a total blast! And though it’s not much exercise compared to a bike or unicycle, serious riders get an amazing upper body workout; something I could really use…

My guess is that he’s saying “Hey, I’ve got 3 cool unicycles, a freeride bicycle, an Italian road racing bicycle, a dirt motorcycle, and a street motorcycle. The unicycles are not anything like the bikes.” The riding experience is different on a unicycle than on a bike. Some of the differences are positive while other differences are negative. I think that about sums up what he was trying to say.

Riding a trail on a bicycle is indeed different than riding the same trail on a unicycle. On a bike you can achieve a flow that is much more elusive on a unicycle. A unicycle doesn’t have the speed, momentum and coasting to get a true sense of flow on a MTB trail. Muni is more about linking together a whole bunch of little technical challenges while the bike is looking at the same trail and saying how can I flow through this. The unicycle can cut corners and take different lines than the bike. The unicyclist is more willing to stop and ride a little technical section of the trail over and over again because it’s fun. The bike will just go right on through and in a fraction of a second be gone. It’s a different mindset to ride a trail on a unicycle compared to a bike.


I don’t know how you came up with that…
but does it ever sound good !!!

I know he has some cool unicycles because he got them from me. He has a nice MUni and he does ride off-road. The last one he ordered was a Coker.

He often sent e-mails saying he loved the unicycles. I know he likes to unicycle.

I didn’t really get the original post either.

I unicycle, ride vintage bikes and ride motorcycles too. All 3 are cool.
I have had great times on a 250cc dirt bike.
The power and torque is thrilling !
Even my Rupp Roadster II mini-bike is fun.

Anything with wheels…

roller skates, skateboards, bikes, wagons, tricycles, slot cars, models, Hot Wheels, mini-bikes, go-karts, motorcycles, Hearses,
vintage cars, wheel chairs with Dyno Fireballs,
baby buggies, gurneys, I.V. holders, unicyles, church trucks, etc…

are awesome !!!

At least I hope he is still into unicycling !



Let us know what you are trying to say if John
hasn’t got it right.


That’s the way I describe the difference between muni and mountain biking to the members of the MTB club I’m in. Somehow I have to explain to them what it is that makes muni fun compared to mountain biking.

I heard a good analogy from Kris. He compared muni to trail running. In trail running you’re looking at where your next foot is going to go. In muni you’re looking at where you next wheel revolution or half revolution is going to go. That’s a good way to describe muni. Most people can grasp the concept and challenges of trail running even if they can’t grasp the concept of riding a unicycle on MTB trails.