My new video with my 26" qu-ax

very nice, good riding, filming and editing!!! we need more muni-vids!

Very cool video! I liked the parts where you went off the ramps.

Nice video. Please share more like this.

Great municycling indeed! I wish I could handle it like you…

GREAT riding and good editing.

But the filming could have been better. A lot of shots were of just the wheel, it’d be better to include the whole you in most. Also the camera was a bit shaky in a lot of the shots.

That was awesome riding! The long skid at 2:00 was unreal. I also liked the filming, the music, and the sound-track, it all blended together to produce a nice mystical effect.

Nice video for winter evening :slight_smile:
I just wonder how you got up from your motorbike to the starting point :slight_smile:

Great video! Awesome riding!

Lots of muni videos don’t show steepness and how hard the terrain is to ride, yours did both very well. Had a few white knuckle moments on the iPad :slight_smile:

In the opening when it showed the first big ramp I thought " no way!" but you made it all look pretty easy.

Good music too.

Keep em coming.

Sweet video, makes me wanna ride again :wink:

Even though i like the music, i think it doesn’t fit to muni riding/the video.