What kind of muni do you ride and what is your set up for diffrent conditions. Include price and pictures if you want.

i ride my stock coker! i have always ridden in the same conditions…hot. and it cost $90 at a garage sale.

well you are a very lucky person

ive got mad skills

Seriously, you used “MUni” as a thread title? Could you get a little less specific? {It’s been quite a while since I’ve played the role of Thread Title Police around here…}

I have also used a stock Coker. Originally I used a stock Miyata. In fact, I was still using (different) a stock Miyata at the first MUni Weekend, fifteen years later. But by then I’d crammed a 26" wheel into an old Schwinn, which didn’t really work. Then I had a carbon fiber frame MUni with a Thudbuster Uni-Pivot seatpost. Then I had a DM ATU, the first unicycle with a splined axle. Finally I got my Wilder in 2003. I also have a GB4 29", which has gone through a succession of rims and tires; I’m still not satisfied with the results…