I was just flipping through my Boy’s Life magazine and they had a little paragraph article on MUni that I think was prompted by a letter I sent them. I thought it was pretty cool.


Is there a link too it on the internet… a scanned in version of the article?.. who was it?.. what did it say?

Very cool.
Please scan it or link it, I’d like to see it.

Great Magazine.
I used to read a ton of Boy’s Life, my Dad and Grandpa were Eagle Scouts and had back issues to the 50’s.

My humor is a direct result of Boy’s Life!

THat’s super cool!

are those cartoons still the same… I forgot the name. One kid was good and the other bad… ?? Garfield and grayson or something like that?

Goofus and Galant?

…and the Pedro Patrol

Here it is:

ROUGH RIDiNG Mountain unicycling, or MUni, is an adventure sport requiring balance, agility and fearlessness. ¶ If you’re up to the challenge, first learn to ride a unicycle on pavement. Be sure to strap on safety gear such as a helmet, knee pads and gloves. Then perfect some advanced riding techniques: riding backward, up and down curbs, and hopping in one place. ¶ Ready to go off road? Begin on easier trails and, with enough practice, you’ll develop the ability to defygravity. ¶Learn more and find Uni events at
—Oreqg VivoJo …

Pkittle got it!

They have UDC linked from the August issue, also.

UDC link:

My Dad wrote my first ever comedy routine from Boy’s Life joke pages, I had a ventriloquist doll and won a big talent show at 8 years old thanks to Boy’s Life!