Muni XC at winter sport meeting

Hi all! Here’s the video of a muni XC race, during “Nissan skipass 2012” a very big happening in Italy…


Where’s the snow? it’s supposed to be a winter sport meet. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing.

LOL. You got me.
In facts it’s a “tourism winter sports and freestyle exibition”. You can buy things, see shows and see some PROs in action.
And they invited us! :sunglasses:
Anyway, the snow (artificial snow) is under the skiers…

“And they invited us!”

And you represented the sport well. Great riding.

That’s awesome to see unicycling integrated in with all the other mainstream exyteme sports. You think Unicon being in Italy influenced them inviting you? Great video.

They didn’t know about Unicon…
But I sent them this: