Muni world, here I come!

I was looking for a Muni - note the “was” part.

I sent an inquiry for a Muni for trade on our local Seattle Riders e-mail list, and I got an awesome offer from Pete Parron (Unisk8r) - A completely free wheel! It has the following components:

Alex D32 rim
UDC Wide hub
165mm cranks
14g spokes

Yay! I am so pumped to start Muniing! Here are the components I think I’ll complete the project with… Will these fit and blend ok?

TORKER LX SEAT + 22.2 post— I have one already
NOKIAN DOWNHILL 3" TUBE — No link, but it’s on the UDC tube page.

maaan, a free wheel, you’re soo lucky!!
that sounds very good, the only thing I recommend is a better seat. torker LX isn’t that good for long rides.

are you gonna come out to moab?

Yeah Tyler, come to Moab!
You seem to get alot of free stuff :wink:

I might come to moab.

Yea, I totally scored on that wheel!

IMO: Get snafu or Jim C. pedals insead of the “bulletpfoof” (I have all of them). Also a KH seat insead of the LX.

I might get some snafus.

I already have the LX seat, and I don’t have $$$ to spare, so I think I’ll stick with it. If I get desperate I’ll switch my 29er KH seat with the MUni.

Just airseat the LX and it will be alot nicer. Stock LX seats are as comfortable as bricks. All you need is a drill, some tape and a tube.

This frame takes a 25.4 seat post which will be better, o and it comes in pretty black:

Also it is easier to find a 25.4mm bike seat post if you decide to go with rails.

Bwahahahaahaha. That made me laugh.
That’s going into my signature.

Protective gear–a lot of it if you’re hitting any kind of terrain.


so im guessing you finally learned to hop?
congrats on coming to muni, i dont hardly do it but thats cause i only have a cx and dont have the money to get a new uni right now, but good choice on going to muni!

Finally learned to hop? I’ve been able to hop for years. Just not very high nor skillfully on my 90 psi freestyle tire. It’s really near impossible - especially on tarmac. I’ve tried Munis, and can hop quite well. I can also do a reasonable rolling hop on my 50 psi 29" Big Apple tire. I know I’ll be a kangaroo on that 3" Duro knobby!

I’ve got my “shopping cart” saved on UDC, and I’ll order as soon as my parental unit get’s back from McDonalds. ‘Mazin’ how I’m so boney seeing as I eat McDonalds breakfast every Sunday…

I might be buying some $20 Small 661s from Pete.

meh. It’s your young-kid metabolism. That’ll wear off by the time you get into college. Mine’s wearing off as we speak.

You sound like Evan! :wink:

So, do ya’ll think that square taper hub will hold up well? I’m only 'round 70 pounds or 5 stone. How far should I limit my drops? What’s a good max height for that hub vs. my weight.

my “meh”'s are more like this little guy’s

squeaky “meh”'s. Not evan’s “Yeah whatever”-type meh’s.

you need to go to moab, tyler.
you just need to.

Tyler, at 70 pounds I don’t think you will kill it too fast. I would stay away from 6 foot drops anyway just incase.

I think with good form you could do drops up to like 4 feet, at least, being only 70 pounds…once you get really good at rolling out.