[Muni] Wood speedway

Maybe it’s not the fastest riding possible on those trails but at least I can’t ride them faster for now, haha :smiley:


Nice riding, it looks like you’ve mastered the rolling hop at all different speeds. I aspire to do that this spring :slight_smile:

Thanks. Yes, I am quite proud of that skill (even if “mastered” may be the wrong word - I am still getting better :wink: ) because it makes my riding look so much smoother. But what is even more important is that I am getting better at landing with my weak foot back and being able to spin the cranks to a horizontal position most of the time - this means less ankle injuries :slight_smile:

You are a great muni rider! Your style is just great. Fast and with rolling hops. I look forward to your future videos :wink:

Really cool, really fast, fun to watch.

Camera work was pretty good, but don’t be afraid to pan fast! Often you’d ride right out of the frame and then the camera would catch up. It’s very smooth, but a fast snappy pan when you ride by could really compliment the energy of your riding.

I love how when you bail, you’re going so fast that you often have to run many steps before coming to a stop. Wish I could get that kind of speed on my muni.

Thanks, I am glad you liked it :slight_smile:

Yeah, my camera girl is really good even without much experience. I will tell her about trying to move the camera faster next time when she is available for filming :smiley:

Great! I really enjoy your videos. Much better than flat videos in my opinion. :slight_smile:
keep it up.

Exceptional. The filming and music compliment your frisky-fast but smooth riding. It actually felt weird to watch you ride on a trail. :stuck_out_tongue:

My only suggestion, and this is partially personal preference so feel free to ignore it, would be to film and or edit more of your shots with a sense of continuity between them. Think of the terrain you are riding into in one shot and choose the following shot so it looks like you are traveling away from the area you showed us in the last shot.

I’ve been wanting to learn rolling hops with my opposite foot, so I can do them with less notice or in tighter spaces.

Dude, you just fly over that terrain!

Thanks again to all of your comments :slight_smile:

I am a pure MUni rider so I only can agree on this one, haha :smiley:

I chose to ride on the trails to get some fast riding footage. Off-Trails I can’t ride that fast because I can’t see bumps and roots because of all the moss :o

Usually when using only a tripod I do it this way. This time, with my camera girl, I didn’t see the need for that because the shots in itself are quite good and cover more of the riding already. Moreover many of the clips in this video are filmed on the same parts of the trails, just from a different angle :wink:

Nice video. Fast and smooth. Like the rolling hops done with control and speed. Second the comment on filming pieces that flow into each other. Overall great video.