MUni withdrawal: What to do for 8wks????

I am currently suffering from a rare condition known as Grade IV MUnicyclic neurosis. Symptoms include agitation, neurotic behaviour, paranoid delusions and a pre-occuption with one-wheeled contraptions. The aetiology remains unclear, but probably stems from social withdrawal brought about by a loss of certain stimuli.

Why?  Well I stupidly fell down a bank and broke my ankle whilst Unitrekking in Nepal.  Had to have all sorts of screws and plates inserted to hold my ankle together.  Looks like I will have to be off the MUni for 8wks, and probably much longer (we're talking months here) before I can do any serious MUni stuff (*sigh*).

What can I do????  I am sooo bored!

Sorry, just venting my frustrations! 

Re: MUni withdrawal: What to do for 8wks???

Having just returned from a fantastic muni-ing session with Leo White I really, really, really feel sorry for you. I just have to wait for the rest of my new uni to turn up; it shouldn’t be long but even that is too long. 8 weeks? <shudder>

Phil, just me

Hi Ken

I feel really sorry for you as I can relate to you on this. I’m nursing a badly sprained ankle that looks like a 4 week down time for my unicycling. Mine is bad enough but “screws and plates” does not sound nice, you have my sympathy.

I haven’t come up with anything to do yet but don’t start comfort eating like I have, not good for when I get Muni’ing again. I’ve already ordered some active ankles BTW for when I can start unicycling as I don’t won’t to get an ankle injury again.

When you do get riding again go down to Napier and show my brother and nephews what unicycling is all about as they just don’t get it from my e-mails. How many unicyclist are there in NZ?

Anyway apart from your ankle injury how was your Unitrekking in Nepal?

Cheers, Gary.

Learn how to ride one footed really well. Problem solved.

no option now
we look forward to the onefooted updates

good luck

I already ride one footed, but one footed with a cast- thats really asking for trouble! (although I can imagine the comments- Oh look at that crazy one footed guy riding a unicycle). I suppose if I break my other ankle I could try peddling with my arms, yeah, that would be a neat trick.

Gary: Unitrekking in Nepal was the most awesome experience! Amazing trails and mountains. But I would not recommend breaking your ankle there- I had to be evacuated on horseback and the surgery was almost as scary. I’ll do a write up in August when I get home since I need to scan my photos.
I was in Napier not long ago but don’t know any unicyclists there- check on the Uni roster.

I’ve started unicycling after breaking one finger of my left hand in an acrobatic-juggling trick.
So you can start juggling now! :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestions…bought a harmonica today so will have to figure out how this thing works- perhaps that might be a safer pastime than unicycling (NB AccordNSX and Unicus).

I got the Blues! Dadeedeedadum…

Good job! we wait for your harmonica videos…