Muni with Penny Farthing? (Coker Wheelman)

I’m seriously thinking of getting a Coker Wheelman, you know, the penny-farthing thing on the UDC wesite.
Has anyone ever riden one of these?

Coker Wheelman

For those who have, when you ride it, does it feel more like a bike, or does it feel more like a uni?

It it possible to change parts like crank arms, pedals, seat posts, etc?

I can not help but imagine how cool it would be to do some off-road on a thing like this. Paint it camaflague, put a big motercycle light on the handlebars, it could even serve as a sort of muni support vehicle, carrying extra water and supplies, (even a boom box blasting out some excellent tunes) while everyone else rips up the trails on their munis.

That’s how I imagine the possibilities of this cool looking “almost unicycle”.

Anyone ever ride one? If so, is the ride more in the bike family, or in the uni family?

seems like you’d have to wear a goalie mask for all the faceplants that you’d have when the back wheel finally got to the drop that the front wheel is already over the edge of…I think it would be pretty hard to lift that front wheel up to make drops successful. I’m guessing that’s pretty much a road machine.

It wouldn’t be able to take drops with that little wheel in the back. You won’t be making it up any climbs either. No jumps. But at least it freewheels! :slight_smile:

I forgot about that thing. It looks like it would be a lot of fun, the freewheeling sounds pretty cool to me. People never would have believed that a unicycle could ride on mountain bike terrain, so maybe you’re onto something thumbs up

Re: Muni with Penny Farthing? (Coker Wheelman)

“uni_zorro” <> wrote in
> I’m seriously thinking of getting a Coker Wheelman, you know, the
> penny-farthing thing on the UDC wesite.
> Has anyone ever riden one of these?

I have ridden a similar one ( different make) , but of roughly that size:
very easy to ride, and rides more like a bike in my opinion. Remember as
well this thing has a freewheel hub, so no backwards etc. However I don’t
think I would ever buy one, it seems to be neither here nor there, not a
uni of course, not a penny farthing, as it is far too small. A full sized
P.F. … now that is something else entirely.


I’m pretty sure it work work “well” offroad.
The rider can get out of the seat and get behind it for drops.
I think climbing would be, well about as good as a Coker.
I think that with the handle bars, hopping wouldn’t be difficult.

I think steering may be a problem though.
Those short and low handle bars could prove to be difficult to use.
Even that underestimation could be wrong:
Bridgestone bikes and other mountain bikes have short and low handlebars.

I’d try it.

The drops would be easy, but uphills would be way harder than on a coker, as it doesn’t look like you could lean forward/down too easily like you want to do with an uphill.

I bet technical but relatively flat, fast trails would be a hoot.

What about a still stand, 360 tail whip? that’s be neat