Muni with novice MTbers

Paul and I headed up to Woodbury common again today, but this time we
took two novice MTBers with us. Paul’s Sister (H) and her boyfriend ®
both own MTbs but had never riden them on “proper off road” so we helped
them put this right.

It was a georgous sunny if cold day and we took our old favourite
bridleway loop around the common. On the very first bit of single track R
declared that this was proper off road, H meanwhile was discovering that
MTB pedals are nearer the ground than Uni ones and kept clipping the egde
of the rut. Approaching the BIG puddles R turned into Mud boy and
ploughed his way through the largest deepest one gleefully, the rest of us
edged around them on the firmer stuff. Once we got into the woods and the
twisty single track Pual and I found it a bit harder than we remembered ,
the fallen leaves carpeting the ground were hiding the tree roots and a
few times were catapulted off by unseen roots or rocks.

It was interesting to see novice MTBers on the steep down hills, and
little drop offs, the techniques needed on a bike are so differnt to a
uni, yet we were having to try and give two wheeled tips about useing
brakes and hanging wight back. Odd , I’m more used to giving unicyclists
tip about weighting pedals and pulling up on the saddle.

We had a good ride through Root beer and then nearly lost H into the
water in Soda Stream, she was just about to ride straight over a drop
off when all 3 of us yelled STOP and directed her to the groove leading
down to the ford, she then rode the ford with no trouble at all and pulled
wheelie on the way out. Sheesh, first time I tried that ford I face
planted and got soaked.

As we got out of the single track section and started to climb back up
the ridge I was please to find the unicyclists hill climbing abilities
out paceing the bicyclists. I managed to ride up two long hills I’ve not
managed before. R commented as I over took him on one of them asking how
I did it, I blamed the 1:1 gearing and fairly strong legs. with more
thought as I gained the top I decided that the realative light weight of
a uni as compared to a bike might help too.

By the end of the ride ( about 6-7 miles) It was clear that our two
wheeled companions were knackered.Just how knackered became clear when we
got home and R had problems walking down stairs coz his legs hurt so
much! Paul and I allowed ourselves to feel a little smug, our keep-fit
regime of muni, muni and more muni has worked.

Older and fitter than some.

Union of UK Unicyclists
By and for UK riders