MUni with gear?

Over the last few weeks I have started to do some light MUniing in the
park, up and down hills on “halfpaved” (broken shells) paths, and I like
it. For me at least, down is easier than up. I do have the power to go up
but then it’s difficult to dose it in order to remain balanced. But it’s
getting better.

My only unicycle is a 24" standard Semcycle. I think 24" (not talking
about width) is preferred by most people for MUniing. I can understand
that a small wheel is a disadvantage for rough terrain as it would get
stuck on smaller obstacles rather than roll over them. And to a too big
wheel one could not deliver enough torque. So here comes my question (not
practical but academic):

If it were possible, would it be ideal to have a large wheel MUnicycle
with a fixed gear lower than 1:1 so that you would still have enough
torque? Or maybe it has been done?

Klaas Bil

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