Muni with a KH 20''?

Hi , Today I was thinking, I will make a trip to a place where there are several trails for mountain biking, and my question is: is it possible to make Muni with a KH 20’’?
What kind of problems I may have little beyond the speed because of wheel size?
Thanks for all,
Erik Moda

A larger wheel makes it easier to roll over roots and rocks but if all you have is a 20" then bring it and have fun.


Ok , i will try hahaha , whatever Ican try hop this rocks and roots , if I fall ,stand up and try again

+1, My friend and me when 1-2 years ago to switserland to do some muni ^^ with a 20"… and it is nice =D
but I think it is only nice if you do a lot of downhill, no horizontal roads and stuf.

20in unis work just fine for muni. They are slow and you have to hop some things a uni with a decent size wheel rolls over, but sometimes the stability from a little wheel is nice.

Thanks Tim for the coment, today I was on a Mountain Biking place with My KH 20’’ , wass great and funyy haha , some bails on de the beggining but after some tries i learn how to ride very fast with a 20’’ , but the problem was ride over small objects like rocks etc… sometimes the whell dont roll over the objects and the fall is beautiful haha , but for fun was so good , in the end i went on the cars road ,Whoa! I was pedaling as fast as when I stopped, was drenched in sweat
so much hard to resist a long time riding in roads , anyway i Like it haha

A 20" MUni is about 100 times better than no MUni. :slight_smile:

Plus you can do Trials and other stuff on it when you get back from the trails!