MUni Wheel Size

I need to get a legitimate 'cycle for MUni, but would like some advice for which type is best.

The 24" is the natural choice, most popular, has nice 3" tire and all. I’ve seen a few 26" with just the 2.5 inch tire and of course, there’s the KH 29".

What are your opinions of the best wheel size for pure MUni’ing. Much of the 26 and 29’s virtue seems to be that they’re good for flat land cruising as well and trail riding, but what if your only concern is rough terrain (you can use a coker for cruising).

Subtracting versatility, which is the best wheel size?

It depends on your terrain. If the majority of what you’re riding is non-technical or lightly technical, a 29er will be a lot more fun than a 24". If the majority of what you’re riding is seriously steep and technical, a 24" will be a lot more effective than a 29er.

The 3" wide on 24" is really important.
Its a shame you can’t get 3" on other wheel sizes.

Yeah you can, loads of 26x3 tyres.

No 29x3 tyres, but you wouldn’t want one, if you’re gonna use such a big tyre, you’re gonna ride fast, not do mental downhill.


It depends on what you mean by “pure” Muni-ing, what sort of terrain your ride etc.

But I don’t know why 26" isn’t more popular in unicycling. Theere are so many more tyre’s and rims available and it’s not as slow as a 24" not as flexy as a 29"

Wheel Size

The smaller the wheel the more control you have over it. Most trials are done on a 20 inch for a reason. So much easier to control. Now Muni has a lot of natural trials in it but you would just kill yourself trying to get anywhere on a 20" wheel. The 24 just seems perfect. Now if you are over 6 foot tal then maybe the 26 will be great for you. On cross country I do love my KH29 though. There are some people on the forum who do MUni on KH29 but I have not had much success in this area. I love the 24x3 tire.


Yes, we kind of have an over-emphasis on the 24" rim size for MUni. Though that’s the rim size, the tire size is about 26" anyway, so it’s a little misleading. 24" is popular because we can get some great, fat tires and we have access to some great rims. But in the 26" size there are tons of rim and tire choices as well, just usually not as fat.

I “grew up” riding trails on a 24 x 1.75 tire, because that’s what unicycles came with back in the day. This works, and actually makes a challenging trail much harder. Later rides on a 24 x 3" tire kind of took the fun out of those trails.

If you want, start with a 26" wheel. It’s generally a little faster, and a lot lighter, and may be just fine for your local terrain. I can’t comment much on Illinois, other than the obvious lack of mountains (I grew up in Michigan). Or, if you have the means, just get a KH Freeride.

As for 29", I have a 29" and a Coker. For trails that are only mildly technical, I prefer the Coker.

Yes, if you have a 3" tyre on your 24" it’s similar to a 26" with a small tyre on. But similarly you could say a 26" with a 3" tyre is closer to a 29" with a small tyre.

A 26" wheel is still bigger than a 24" so I don’t think it’s misleading at all.

How important a wider tire is depends on your weight and how big of drops you intend to do. For the sake of speed and efficiency, I think it’s best to go with as skinny a tire as you can handle on the drops. For instance, I weigh 140 lbs., and my KH29 with 2.1" tire serves me well up to around 1.5’ drops. Beyond that, I start to worry about hitting the rim or folding the tire over on drops. Since I’m beyond the angst ridden age that demands BIG drops, the 1.5’ limit doesn’t bother me too much. I’d much rather have the speed of the 29er and walk the occasional bigger drop.

Of course, there’s also the social factor to consider. If you plan to ride with a big group, it’s nice to have the same size wheel. Otherwise your pacing may be completely different.

the should make a 20" tall and 3" wide trials tire that would be sick. But then it would just get to heavy because you would need a bigger frame, rim and ya.

Here’s an off topic question, where are you in illinois? I’m near Peoria and have great access to a very technical 30 mile long XC/Northshore Trail. I could probably help you out.

consider shopping here
For a 24 or 29, you really can’t get a better uni at these prices.:slight_smile:

Out in NW Chicago/Urbana but only during the school year - in CA now. My brother (dman1234) is still out and about you could PM him.