MUni Wheel Size

What size wheel does everyone like a 24"x3.0" or a 26"x3.0"

I like the 24x3, but I’ve never ridden a 26x3. I also love my 29x2.1 for muni. The 24x3 eats up rocks and roots like crazy. Just plow right into them. I’m sure the 26x3 would be good too, jsut a bit heavier and faster. The 29x2.1 is light and fast, but takes more attention when riding technical stuff.

cheers… Mojoe

I like 24" x 3". I find that the extra speed of the 26" isn’t enough to make up for the added weight, sluggishness (just a little bit), and the accuracy you lose.

I’ve only ridden a 26" x 3" for a very short distance though.


Re: MUni Wheel Size

The 24x3 is the standard size for aggressive and technical muni. The 24x3 is lighter and more maneuverable than the 26x3. The 24x3 is easier to jump with than the 26x3. The 24x3 turns easier than the 26x3 which makes technical riding and switchback style turns easier.

If your riding involves jumping over logs, riding stunts, technical climbs, riding rock gardens, and twisty single track then the 24x3 is probably the better choice.

If your riding involves aggressive trail rides and longer rides where you want to go further and faster then the 26x3 might be a good choice. The 26x3 does a good job of rolling over roots and rocks. It’s better on rough trails than smooth trails.

For fast riding on smooth trails a 29er or a Coker might be a good choice.

The choice depends on the type of trails around where you ride.

Here is a previous thread about the differences between a 24x3 and a 26x3.

The 26x2.6 Gazz Jr. weighs the same as the 24x3 Gazz. I’d guess it’s equivalent to the 26x3 for a unicyclist except that it’s lighter. I expect that it would be faster than the 24x3 and just slightly less maneuverable than the 24x3. It should be better in the rough stuff than the 29er and has a vast selection of rims, unlike the 29er.

It is not the greatest on hard smooth stuff.

The 26x2.6 is quite similar to a 24x3, except when you want to hop, it isn’t so good for that. It is noticeably faster though.


Will the 24x2.6" Gazz Jr fit in a United 24" frame? Width should be no problem, I measured that at 2 7/8", and I’ve read the static width is 2.45". Can anyone tell me the diameter of the mounted tire, and what rim it was measured on?

I’ve found the 26x2.6 good for hopping. I don’t have a 24x3 yet to compare to. They are the same weight as listed, though.

Given identical cranks, the 26 will only be around 7% - 8% faster than the 24. The greater manoeuvreability of the smaller wheel will cancel some of this out on winding single track.

Given the same cranks, the 24 will have slightly more leverage, so slightly better hill climbing/descending etc.

There will be approximately 1 inch more ground clearance on the bigger wheel. The bigger wheel will have slightly more ‘roll over factor’ on rough ground, or through undergrowth.

I’ve never ridden one of the super fat tyres for any distance, but given the choice, I’d prefer a 24 to a 26 for general use and MUni. If you want to go fast on rough trails, then the Coker or a 29 must be the way to go. I find the 26 a bit of a ‘neither fish nor fowl’ size. Being a midget can’t help. Perhaps taller people would prefer the 26.