Muni wheel size issues


I’ve been dabbling in in muni, trials, and freestyle for a few years now and I’ve been doing it all on my 20 inch trials. I’ve mainly started to do muni and I’m getting into it but finding the uni is hard to control on the way steeper slopes and loses grip often. I’m saving up money for the new 08 KHs when they come out and I’m wondering if the 24 inch wheel with the three inch knobby tire is more manageable than a 20inch wheel with a cc. I’m hoping it is so my muniing will be much better. Has anyone experienced this.



If you’re really doing MUni (riding on trails, as opposed to natural trials where you’re jumping on rocks), you’ll definitely be better off with a 24". The traction and the ability to roll over stuff is a lot better.

Consider a 26" too. You’ll have far more tyre and rim choices available to you. And it goes faster.

Are there any other riders where you live? If you could “test ride” a couple other munis, you’d get a better idea of what you want to buy.