MUni weights

UDC lists these weights for these 24" MUnis:
Kris Holm: 15.5lbs (7.05kg)
Nimbus: 17lbs
Torker DX: 17lbs

While they don’t list a weight for the Surly Conundrum, I’ve been told it weighs 16lbs.

This all seems funny, as the KH is respected as super light, and the Torker and Surly seem to be thought of as downright obese.

Are these weights accurate? Does a pound and a half really make that much difference?

Does anyone own two or more of these unis? Would you be willing to weigh them on the same scale?

here you find some weights

I have a 26" surly but with a titanium hub, drilled cranks, titanium pedals and carbon saddle plate and its around 7kg.


Weights of whole cycles can be a bit slippery. If you have the all-original cycle, with no changes to cranks, pedals, saddle or seat post (or post length) you can go by published weights. Assuming they’re based on the same thing and not outdated or inaccurate.

My Wilder MUni was a big deal when I first got it (in 2003) with its handmade aluminum frame. But this was paired with a steel seatpost (later replaced), comfortable seat, Gazzalodi tire and Sun Doublewide rim. The end result was a not-especially-light unicycle. But one that’s great looking and bombproof. I’m still very happy with it.

If a pound and a half is an insignificant amount of weight to you, you can save a lot of money! :slight_smile:

I’d like to see some pics of that, if you have a chance. Do you run a 3.0 tire and the surly rim? I have a 26 surly and a 29 KH and the difference seems to be truly enormous. The KH feels feather light in comparison. I also have a primo post, the onza hub, a KH Air seat with rail adapter on the surly. I always assumed most of the weight difference was in the rim and tire.
I’ll weigh them on the bathroom scale and get back to you.

the difference is…

mostly the 3" gazza otherwise the endomorph.
the “catalog” 26" should be around 16 pounds.

the difference to mine are:
KH titanium Hub 425g
and drilled Moment dual 150 / 125 cranks 600g
wellgo titanium pedals 300g
ordinary 24" tube 170g
carbon saddle base 225g
additional magura brake 234g
brake holder 43g
tensile offset magura clamps 67g
total: 2064g

profil hub 950g
profile cranks1000g
snafu pedals 642g
26" x 3" tube 420g
KH saddle base 400g
total 3412g

difference 1348g:D

I am working for a 26" large marge endo muni less than 6kg,
when finished you will find it here:D