MUni weekend this fall (eastcoast)

ok so me and Muniracer were talking, and we decided that we NEED to have a MUni weekend on this coast. i would seriously like input on some things. First, where would we have it. second, who will come? third, when would we have it. a running vote will be kept. everyones input who would attend would be appreciated. thanks, Nick

if it is in the Adirondack Park system I can make it.

If I can make it, it will make a great addition to my DVD (projected Release Feb 20 2005)

If it’s further away from Ontario than that I cannot make it

Great idea!

(I’ve never been there, but MTB’rs seem to like it)

I will be there as long as it doesnt conflict with california.
i’d love to help out any way i can so drop me an IM unicyclejoey if you want any other location ideas or anything like that.

as for one place that pops into my head for a day of ridding would be
mountain creek which is one of the premier mountain biking location in the east. there is alot of riding in that general area for another day or two of ridding but I dont know of anyone who can easyely scout out other spots around there.

I can safely say that me, ben and hopefuly dan will make it.

edit: thats not a vote its a sugestion.



When would said weekend be? I’m for it! Any particular part of the east coast we’re talking about? I prefer the New England/Quebec/Ontario region, but if it’s not too far I’m definately interested… And if it is too far, I’m definately interested…

I’d definitely be interested in anything New England/SE Quebec/upstate NY. I just moved from England to Maine and have been feeling sorry for myself because I missed BMW South Wales …

Would this be XC riding, or DH, or trialsy?

Ok, so I could probably be there but then again…where is there?
And when is when?

So yeah…as soon as you get more info could you pm/e-mail me?


i would go

i have no idea where it would be but i would like it to be in or near PA

dont worry, there are negotiations in place… we will post when a place/date is finally confirmed. expect the dates to be around the middle or end of october.


Using my Psychic Powers…

I’m guessing the final date will be the weekend of the 15th of October… Why? 'Cause I have a wedding in Montreal on the 16th :wink:

Re: Using my Psychic Powers…

And you can’t ride your uni to Montreal??:smiley: :astonished:

Please avoid the weekend of Sept. 17-19, the California MUni Weekend. Yes, an east coast one would be great; out here is just too far for many east-coasters! Hold it where you can, based on who is going to organize it.

At the CA MUni Weekend we will have lift-assisted riding at Northstar, possible riding of the Tahoe Rim Trail (higher than Mr. Toads), possible Trials competition, definite Trials fun, and possibly the first-ever competition of Street Freestyle.

count me in, try to make it as close to rockville maryland as possible :slight_smile:


Tenisgh-blarg, you should definatly go there…(where is there though?)

New England would be a terrific place for a Muni weekend. If it is within reasonable driving distance, I would be attending.

Hi guys,

Just found this thread. Count me in. Mid to late October is perfect. Is someone actually organizing something?

If nobody has anything set in stone yet, I can suggest the area I normally ride which is about 65 miles north of NYC:,States,Trails/NewYork/,Ninham,Mountain,Multiple,Use,Area/PRD_169330_4566crx.aspx


This is a great area, among the most technical mtb singletrack in the area. I know these trails pretty well now and can say there’s nothing else close to it in terms of technical riding withing a 100 mile radius of NYC. These trails have been developed and maintained by mountain bikers over the past 15 years - so there’s ton’s of great riding here.

I’d like to get a big group ride together in October at this location, even if someone organizes something else.

I also have a big trials playground that I’ve been developing for several years now which everyone would find extremely challenging.

I’d be happy to organize an event during this time if people are interested in this location. Depending on the number of riders, I could offer unlimited camping in the yard and could probably accomodate 20+ people in the house (on the floor with sleeping bags).

This would be a pretty easy event to organize for me. The trails are 20 minutes from the house, so everything is pretty conveniently located.

I’m offering this up to see what the level of interest might be, but I don’t want to steal anyone’s thunder, if you have something else planned. The location might be good in that it’s fairly central on the east coast. Lmk what y’all think.


Oh yeah, if we do the NYC thing that I suggested in my previous post, it appears that only October 1-3 would work for me. Anyone interested?


Alrigth i have finaly spoken to Ben about it, and the and we would love to host this in the boston area.

we are hoping to have two days of trails, and one day of natural trials. more details on locations to follow but there are a few really great spots around here.

from the looks of the interest on here we should probebly be able offer couche/floor space, and yard camping at our houses. there are also plenty of hotels around for those looking for a little more comfort.

I dont know which one people prefer north of NYC or west of boston, I would be more than happy with either. post and let everyone know which location you would prefer and will just see weere the majority of the riders find easyer.



I personally prefer Boston, it’s relatively close to me :wink: I actually need a date more than a place at this point now…

I think the NYC location would be more centrally located for an East Coast event. Certainly more accessible for Virginia and DC folks. But location depends on how many Canadians are thinking of coming.

I’m interested in seeing joe merrill’s trials playground. Seems like a big plus for an event, especially considering his background in planning the Motorama Trials competition.

Joe - Oct 1-3 looks good for me, but I’ll have to check the calendar at home.

If another date in October is chosen, good chance I’ll make it.

Keep in mind that on Sept 10 - 12, there will be a uni event (MUni, trials, coker, etc.) in eastern Tennessee. I’m heading south for that one! See thread for a few details.


well, i’d say VIETNAM IN MILFORD, mass! it is the best, period.